What to give your parents for Christmas 1
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What to give your parents for Christmas

What to give your parents for Christmas 1

When these dates approach, we ask ourselves the same question over and over again, what can I give my parents for Christmas? If you are running out of ideas, pay attention to the following article from a info-grinik. We know that the search for the ideal gift is sometimes complicated, because year after year we try to be original and surpass ourselves, however, below we offer you the best ideas so you can cross one more gift from your list.

Take note, think about what their hobbies are or what they crave most and be inspired by the list that we bring you below, because we offer you the best options on what to give your parents for Christmas. Let’s go!

Gifts for parents kitchenettes

Whether it’s mom or dad, if your parents are lovers of cooking, you have a thousand options to surprise them. In addition, if you are looking for birthday gifts, these will also inspire you to find the best present:

Kitchen robot

If your parents have commented how much they would like a kitchen robot, this is a good occasion to get one of them. You have multiple options in the market, so you can surprise your parents and help them empower the chef they have inside.


Healthy living is the order of the day, so if your parents have time to cook and love to do it, do not hesitate to give them a bakery. It is a very useful gift that will help them prepare their own bread and have it freshly made every day. Some bakeries also have special accessories to bake the baguettes that have been prepared. They will love it!

Volcanic stone

Are your parents lovers of a good roast? The perfect option is to give a volcanic stone, to prepare delicious meat to the stone. There are numerous options but the operation of each one is similar: it should only be placed in the oven so that it rises temperature and that they retain the heat for longer, so they can cook the meat from the table, to taste. Gift!

Snack kit

If your parents are real hosts, don’t hesitate to give them a snack kit. The different molds and accessories will help them prepare informal snacks that will leave your guests speechless. For fans of cooking tapas and dishes, it is an excellent option.

Pastry kit

Don’t you know what to give your father for Christmas? If your passion is creative pastry, do not hesitate to give away an ideal decoration kit to prepare cakes and desserts. In the market you will find briefcases with perfect tools to prepare your sweets and have everything organized in the kitchen.

Tea lovers

If your parents are one of those people who can’t go a day without tea, you have some Christmas gifts to hit the nail on the head. For example, a cast iron teapot or a tea organizer, you can also add a tablecloth and cups together. Perfect!

Casseroles and frying pans

Give a frying pan or a casserole? The answer is yes. If you hadn’t considered it before, it’s because you don’t know the options that exist today in the market. From coconuts to cook over low heat for lovers of slow cooking, to special pieces such as cast iron frying pans to cook on any fire. You have many options, just look for the right ones for him or her and they won’t have to buy any other casserole or frying pan ever again.

Accessories for barbecues

If you don’t know what to give this Christmas, but you know that your parents love to celebrate barbecues at home, give a briefcase with different specific accessories for barbecues. Spatulas, long skewers, grill brush, tweezers, knives, a brush … if you don’t know what to give your father for his birthday, this is also a great option.

What to give your parents for Christmas 2

Gourmet gifts

Are your parents fine-billed? Then discovering what to give at Christmas will be sewing and singing. We propose some options:

Gourmet oils

Believe it or not, there are products with which you can prepare an original and delicious gift. Gourmet oils are very fashionable and you can prepare lots with them. Truffle oil, chilli oil, oregano oil, spicy, tasty, strong… Or oils of different varieties of olive. Liquid gold will be appreciated by gourmet palates.

Gourmet products

Among the gifts for the most precious parents are the DO product batches. Prepare a basket in which there are the best products of the sea and the land: from ham, to chorizos, without forgetting anchovies or foie gras. Look for the best selection of products so they can taste them on any special occasion.

For wine lovers

Another good gourmet gift that wine lovers will love this Christmas are the wine packs. You can prepare a selection of DO bottles or a batch of rosés, reds and whites that leaves your parents speechless. But if you think it’s an unoriginal gift, point out other options to give to those who really appreciate wine: from a wine fridge to an electric corkscrew or a decanter.

For beer lovers

For beer lovers you have numerous options: from a craft beer tasting kit to a kit to prepare your own beer at home. But you can also look for designer barrels, as in the past, with which they can keep the beer cold, a set of beer glasses or a dispenser. The options are multiple! And if you want to put a touch of humor, look for some brewing socks with which you will laugh for sure.

For lovers of gin and tonic

If your parents like to prepare and enjoy a good gin and tonic, this can be a good gift for parents this Christmas. In addition to preparing a case or a basket with a good selection of gins, we propose you to give books such as “The secret of gin and tonic” or “The art of gin and tonic”, two options with which they can improve their preparation of these glasses. And if they are already experts in their elaboration, don’t forget to give them botanicals so they can serve true professional gin and tonics. Sure right!

Gastronomic experience

The gift of gifts: a gastronomic experience. If they are good food, there is nothing like offering them an experience that they will never forget. Look for a good star restaurant, a wine or beer tasting somewhere special. This gift will be unforgettable and will surely leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

What to give your parents for Christmas 3

Give pampering

Among the gifts for older parents, pampering and care stand out, so that they can dedicate time to them, relax and disconnect. In this sense, you have several options with which to give a few minutes of happiness to mom and dad. Take note:

Spa and Arab baths

Who doesn’t want to visit a spa or Arab baths and enjoy the silence and relaxation? Find complete spas that allow your parents to enjoy a few moments just for them, to disconnect and recharge batteries.

Relaxing massages

3, 2, 1…. Disconnecting! The idea of giving a relaxing massage at Christmas is a safe bet for your parents. You can look for one as a couple or individually. Head, body, feet, with essential oils, decontracting, Thais, Balinese… The options are endless!

Facial and body treatments

To help your parents pamper themselves more, don’t hesitate to give them a facial or body treatment. From a skin cleansing, to a chocolate wrap, through a complete body exfoliation or pressure therapy sessions. If they like to take care of themselves but don’t invest much in this type of treatment, it’s the perfect time to give them one.

Bath salts

If your budget is tighter, don’t worry, because you have cheaper options to give away this Christmas. For example, if they have a bathtub at home, you can prepare a set of bath salts or bath balls. You can also prepare a selection of products so they can enjoy the shower, with packs of gels, shampoos or creams. With a smaller budget, you can give doses of pampering and care. They will love it!

What to give your parents for Christmas 4

Give a getaway

Fearless and adventurous parents? Parents wanting to disconnect in nature? Parents who love culture, art and history? Among the gifts for parents, the jewel in the crown cannot be missing: a getaway. We give you options:

Rural getaway

Among the most outstanding and original gifts for parents we highlight rural getaways. Find a charming place and allow your parents to relax in a natural environment, away from the city and the stress of everyday life.

Adventure getaway

For intrepid parents, there is no better gift than a getaway so that they can practice some activity or adventure sport. From a ski resort, to bike rides or 4×4 routes. Adjust the getaway with an activity that they may like and make a complete pack so that they enjoy a well-deserved days of rest.

Getaway to a city

If what your parents like is to discover cities, you can prepare a getaway to the nearest capitals and cities. From visits to the main capitals of Europe: Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Rome… Even cheaper options such as visits to the big cities of your own country.

Cultural getaway

For lovers of history and literature, museums and art, give a cultural getaway. You can organize cultural visits that help them learn more about their own history. From visits to ruins of the Roman Empire to visits focused on artists like Goya. Find the options that best suit your parents’ tastes and… surprise them with this getaway!

Romantic getaway

And if your parents are romantic, give them a stay in some in charming hotels. There are many options, from bubbles to sleep looking at the stars, to tree cabins, hotels that are castles or with pleasant sea views.

Relax getaway

If your parents are lovers of relaxation and disconnection, you can prepare a getaway that includes a spa or spa so they can relax and renew energy. You will find multiple hotels that offer this service in unique places that will make them enjoy a few days for them.

Thematic getaway

Wine tourism, gastronomic tourism, art tourism… If your parents have a predilection for one of these options or others, you can prepare a themed getaway. There are numerous routes with which you can enjoy any of these options where, in addition to having fun, you will enjoy your hobbies.

Personalized gifts

If you want to surprise and thrill, write down these ideas for gifts for parents at Christmas. This year, we propose you to give something personal, that says about them and you, about your relationship and your union:

A pendant

The perfect gift for a mother or father can always be a jewel. We encourage you to give it a personal touch by recording it with your name, your date of birth or its initial, so that they keep you even more aware! In addition, if you are looking for a gift for Father’s Day, this option is also ideal.

Your own story

Did you know that you can give away the story of your parents’ life on paper? An original gift idea for your parents is to prepare a story that collects from their birth to when they met, their wedding, their birth and so many other special moments.

A portrait

Help your parents redecorate their house by giving them… A portrait! It can be from the whole family or from them alone, in black and white, in full color, classic or modern… The options are endless! It is a personal and decorative gift that you will surely like.

An engraved pen

A good gift for a classic father or a literature-loving mother is undoubtedly an engraved pen. If you like writing or have an office job, it is a very good option so that you always remember you while using it. You won’t fail!

Refrigerator magnets with photos

If you are looking for an original and personal gift, take note. You can make these magnets in different ways and select the photos they may like the most so that they always have you in the fridge. It is a very nice detail that you can place in bags and hang on the Christmas tree.

A family calendar

Classics don’t usually fail, and a family calendar for next year is always a perfect option. Find the right photos for each month and create your calendar in wall or office version. In case your parents are older, you can make the calendar with photos of their grandchildren month by month. Don’t forget to add special days, family birthdays and other dates designated for you. A perfect gift!

Digital album

Another very good option as a gift for parents is to prepare a digital album that collects your whole life. If you have paper photos of when they were young or young, it will be perfect for them to have them all stored in one place.

A personalized doormat

Who said that a doormat could not be a good gift? Bring out your original and fun side to make this one of the most special gifts this Christmas. We encourage you to give them a family doormat where all family members, including the pet, can appear.

Sports gifts

If your parents’ hobby is in sport, you can inspire their gift for this Christmas in this hobby. Take the opportunity to find out if they lack any accessories or if they want to renew some equipment and there you can find what to give your parents at Christmas.

Athletic clothing

If your parents play a sport, some clothes won’t hurt them. Mayas for running, walking or doing fitness classes, a shorts for cycling, breathable T-shirts, tops, a wetsuit for diving, a windscreen, a ski jacket … Whatever sport your parents practice, you can find many options if you give them their favorite sportswear.

Tennis shoes

For runners, those who go for a walk or those who go to the gym, sneakers can be the star gift of this Christmas. Look for bambas that adapt both to their tastes and style and to the sport they practice, because each one has different characteristics.

Accessories for the bicycle

The bicycle is the order of the day, and if in this case we talk about a lover of those Sunday outings with friends, this can be the perfect gift for a father. From helmets to gloves, through cycling glasses, a jersey or coves, to even a new road or mountain bike.

Fitness equipment

Parents wanting zumba, aerobics or spinning… For those who love fitness there are also sports gifts with which you can get it right. Give a TRX to train at home, weights or elastic bands. If you have more budget, you can give them a spinning bike or a treadmill. Think about what it takes to continue training and… Give it to them!

Set for the pool

If your parents are one of those who get up early to go swimming, the perfect gift may be a new swimsuit. You can also buy pool hats and glasses, or even a towel and a sports bag to be able to carry your spare change.

For yoga lovers

Yoga is another of the most fashionable practices, so the gifts you will find related to this activity are numerous. You can give a mat and its conveyor bag or other elements that facilitate training. But in addition, being an activity in which body and soul connect, you can give a meditation book or yoga postures to complete this perfect gift for any yogi.

Some paddle shovels

Another of the great sports of the moment is paddle tennis. If your parents are lovers of this sport, do not hesitate to give them new shovels to play. You have many options at different prices so that your gift is of quality and does not go unnoticed. You will love it!

Gifts for the home

Giving a gift is not always an easy task, we know it. But if you think of those things that can improve the home and make it more pleasant and comfortable, you will find a multitude of ideas to make a perfect gift for your parents this Christmas:

Interior garden

A good original and perfect idea if your parents like cultivation and plants, is to give an indoor garden with LED grow lamp. With this device they can grow any type of plant throughout the year, from green leafy to aromatic plants, through cactus, strawberries or cherry tomatoes.

Humidifier and air purifier

To renew the air and that your parents’ home always smells great, take note of this perfect option. Today you will find humidifiers and air purifiers that help expand drops of aromatic essential oils to create incredible environments. A different gift, but very useful.

A television

If you think your parents should change TVs, or that they might find it funny to have one in the kitchen or in the bedroom, Christmas is the perfect time to make this expense for them.

Kit for a marathon of series and movies

If they love the concept “sofa, movie and blanket” you can make their gift this Christmas adapt to this hobby. Warm blankets, fast food utensils, cups to enjoy a good coffee, bucket of popcorn… Prepare an indispensable kit for a marathon of series and movies.

Crystal weather predictor

Have you heard of crystal time predictors? They are very beautiful decorative figures that will also act as a meteorologist telling you if you expect a clear or cloudy day. Inspired by the instruments used in 1750 by British sailors, it is a very elegant and effective option.

What to give your parents for Christmas 6

Classic gifts that do not fail

If no previous option has convinced you, keep in mind that classic gifts never fail:

A clock

The gift for parents, the classic of the classics par excellence, is undoubtedly a watch. There are countless models and brands that will allow you to make a gift adapted to any pocket. Classic, modern, silver, gold or leather, digital or traditional… Which one will you surprise them with?

Records or vinyls

Whether they like to listen to CDs or have a vinyl player, Christmas is a perfect time to give music away. Find the albums of your favorite artists, classics or special editions or get the latest albums of the singers who listen the most.

A wallet or purse

Another classic, practical and useful is to give a new wallet or purse. You can bet on large purses or small purses, on card holders or leather wallets, and you even have the option of customizing them with their initials, so that the gift is even more special.

A perfume

Another classic that never fails is a good perfume. Find your father’s favorite cologne or perfume and take advantage of Christmas to give him this present. It’s a safe bet.

A book

The best gift for a reading father or a reading mother. Give them a classic, the latest book by their favorite author or opt for books about their hobbies: a recipe book, a sports book, a policy book, an art book… Whatever your taste, a book is always a very appreciated gift.

Gadgets for modern parents

If your parents are very technological, they can’t miss the latest gadgets to be fashionable:

Wireless charger

For the most technological parents, point out this essential gadget. This type of chargers allow you to forget about cables and charge simply by supporting the mobile. There are numerous models, with different design options that will offer them greater mobility and numerous features adapted to your needs.

Wireless headphones

Another perfect gift for parents are the wireless headphones. There are different models that can connect with any smartphone via bluetooth, so make your parents say goodbye to cables by betting on this gift that will surely succeed.

Smart speaker

Do you want your parents to know the daily news, the weather it takes, to control traffic, listen to music or find a recipe just by asking? Then, you must give them a smart speaker.

Activity bracelets

Activity bracelets are one of the most practical gadgets as a gift for parents. With them they will be able to measure their daily physical activity, measure the heart rate, count the steps that are performed daily, monitor the speed or receive an alert if they have spent too much time sitting. These bracelets are perfect to help your parents exercise more day by day!

Cervical Massager

For tense parents, subjected to stress, daily pressure and with muscle problems, this option is ideal. It is a neck and shoulder massager that will help relieve tensions. Its ergonomic T-type design adapts completely to the cervical ones and they can make it work easily through their control. Goodbye fatigue, goodbye stress!

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