What to do in case of minor burns 1
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What to do in case of minor burns

Burns are among the most common domestic accidents, an injury to which anyone is exposed inside and outside the home. Despite that, we often do not know the proper way to treat them to ensure pain reduction and adequate healing. Do you need a basic first aid lesson? In info-grinik.com m we explain what to do in case of minor burns.

What to do in case of minor burns 1

Steps to follow:


Mild burns are those of first and second degree, which can initially be treated at home. However, in certain cases medical care will be necessary, for example:

  • When they are in very sensitive areas such as the face, thighs, groin.
  • If they are the size of a hand or older.
  • if they have been caused by a fire, by contact with electricity or by a chemical.

In all these cases it will be necessary to attend to the affected person primarily to calm the pain, and then transfer him to the emergency room for a specialist to review.


The first thing we must do in the event of a slight burn is to calm the pain and burning. It is advisable to remove all clothing from the affected area, if it is stuck to the burn do not remove it or it could cause greater damage.

In cases of chemical burns it is important to remove all clothing that has been exposed to that product to avoid further damage.


Then you must refresh the area with plenty of cold water for at least 5 minutes, in cases of injuries with chemicals it should be for at least 10 minutes. It is not convenient to apply ice to the burned area, but only cold water.

A very effective way to deal with minor burns is by applying a gauze moistened with cold water in the area. If you don’t have gauze, you can use a clean sheet or towel.


Once the burn has cooled, we must make sure that, in fact, it is mild and does not require immediate medical attention. If so, we can take the following measures to address them:

  • Avoid bursting the ampoule that has formed in the burn, it must decrease on its own.
  • It proceeds to wash the lesion with soap and water, preferably pH neutral. Once cleaned you can apply some commercial burn cream. Then it is advisable to cover the affected area with sterilized gauze or with some properly clean cloth.
  • You can also treat the slight burn with aloe vera or petroleum jelly, both will moisturize the skin and soothe discomfort. Never apply other types of creams to the affected area or you could cause an allergic reaction.


If you don’t have burn ointment, petroleum jelly or aloe vera at home, you can apply other natural solutions that will help you calm the discomfort. In our article how to cure burns with home remedies you will find some timely alternatives.


If after attending to the burn the same causes extreme burning, significant inflammation, redness, secretes pus or generates fever, it is important to go to the doctor.

What to do in case of minor burns 2

This article is merely informative, in a info-grinik we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in case you have any type of condition or discomfort.


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