What is white clay for 1

What is white clay for

What is white clay for 1

White clay, also called kaolin , is one of the most used ingredients in natural cosmetics with which you can also make your own homemade masks. As with other clays, its composition is dominated by silicates, in this case aluminum, along with silicon and other mineral salts that give it specific properties highly valued not only in the beauty sector, but also in the care sector. therapeutic.

Discovered for the first time in the Chinese mountains of Kaoling, and used for centuries, if you want to know what uses white clay has and what benefits you can obtain from masks made with this clay, at info-grinik we tell you its characteristics, properties and uses for that you know how to take advantage of it. Take note, as we offer you a detailed guide of what white clay is for .

Effective against oily skin

It is the absorption capacity of the very fine powder that makes up white clay that makes it the ideal remedy for excess skin oil . Kaolin, like talcum, has absorbent properties, so creams and masks that contain it are recommended for oily skin. If excess sebum on the skin makes you look oily complexion and you often get pimples , white clay can be a great ally for you.

Preparing a white clay mask is very simple, you just have to pour three tablespoons of this ingredient into a plastic tale and add enough water to create a paste. Spread the mixture all over your face and let it work for approximately 15 minutes. Finally, remove the mask with warm water and the help of a cotton ball or a soft towel.

To fight acne

The astringent qualities of white clay make it a very valuable remedy for acne as well. Most of the time, acne appears as a result of oily skin, so applying this mask once a week can be very beneficial.

What is white clay for 2

In this case, from we advise you to add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the previous preparation , no more than five. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of this plant will also help you fight the bacteria that cause acne.

Deep cleans and maintains the hydrolipidic layer

The white clay for cleaning is phenomenal, not only because it combats excess fat in the skin, but because its texture in the form of tiny grains makes it ideal for cleaning the face exerting gentle exfoliating effect . Applied in the form of a mask, it not only helps to eliminate dead cells or any remaining dirt or pollution particles that can clog pores, but also, the minerals it contains contribute to maintaining the hydrolipidic layer of our skin, that very thin invisible film that protects the skin of the facefrom external aggressions and keeps it in perfect condition. The result: a smooth and luminous face that exudes freshness and vitality. But let’s see what else we can make white clay masks for.

White clay for hair

It is common to find white clay also in shampoos and hair masks, since it is a perfect remedy to wash the scalp in depth without altering its composition and natural balance. As we have seen, the properties of white clay can help reduce the presence of sebum, something that in your hair will help you show a smoother and more radiant mane.

White clay will help you take care of the outer layer of the hair fibers, so combined with a few drops of rosemary essential oil it is excellent to reactivate the microcirculation in the area and strengthen the hair .

Natural deodorant

It is one of the possible applications of white clay that you may not have known about. Its powdery texture and the presence of minerals in its composition, especially aluminum, are two effective elements not only to absorb the possible fat present on the skin, but also to combat excess sweat .

Applying it to the hands, feet or armpits can give excellent results when it comes to controlling sweating in a natural way and taking care of the skin.

Calms and refreshes the skin

Its soft composition, free of chlorine, zinc or phosphorus is the reason that very few people have allergic reactions to white clay, which also has therapeutic properties. In case of skin irritations, itching, itching or minor burns (such as those that can appear after sun exposure without proper protection) a gauze or compress soaked in a preparation that contains white clay can provide relief.

Mixing a few tablespoons, for example, in an infusion of chamomile or lavender and applying to the damaged area will help soothe discomfort by refreshing the affected skin . White clay can also be effective in treating psoriasis, but in this case, as with severe dermatitis, prior medical consultation is essential.

What is white clay for 3

Tooth whitener

Does white clay work for teeth ? In more than one commonly used toothpaste you can find white clay as a component. As on the face, clay can also exert that “drag” effect on our teeth, leaving them pristine and without damaging the enamel. In addition, being a not very aggressive natural polish , the use of white clay does not carry as many risks as other natural remedies with bleaching properties.

If you are going to use the clay for a natural toothpaste , you only have to wet the toothbrush and impregnate its bristles with a small amount of clay, but be careful! confirm that it is a white clay suitable for this specific use (internal use).

Stomach protector

Dissolved in water, white clay can also be ingested so that its properties reach the interior of our body, but as in the previous case, you will have to carefully read the compound that you have acquired and confirm that the white clay that you have bought can be ingest (some are for topical or external use only).

White clay can act as a gastric protector due to its anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also worth mentioning that this ingredient regulates stomach acidity and contributes to the elimination of toxins, such as heavy metal micro particles. Of course, before ingesting this home remedy we advise you to consult the possibilities of taking it with your doctor.

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  • If you are going to make a mask or mix with white clay, remember to always use silicone or glass containers and wooden elements to stir the ingredients. Discard metal utensils.

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