What is a solitary ring and what is it for?

What is a solitary ring and what is it for?

Many customers come to jewelry stores in search of a solitary ring, however, few are those who really know what meaning this precious and precious jewel has and what we usually use it for. If you want to surprise your partner with the perfect engagement ring, it is important to know the concepts and nuances between them.

What is a solitary ring and what is it for?

Next, in a info-grinik we explain what a solitary ring is and what it is for. Knowing the secrets of this piece of high jewelry, you can choose the perfect solitaire ring to leave your partner speechless. Take note!

What is a solitary ring?

While “lonely” rings are among the most gifted and acquired jewelry, not everyone knows exactly what this piece is about. To begin with, when talking about solitaire we are explaining the way in which a brilliant is set, that is, any jewel that has a single stone is called a solitaire. We can find them in earrings, necklaces, bracelets or cufflinks for men, however, the star piece par excellence is the solitaire ring, since it is the engagement ring.

Characteristics of the solitaire ring

The solitaire ring is a simple jewel, composed of a metal hoop, usually white or yellow gold, and a stone embedded in it. This stone is usually a precious stone like diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire, or semiprecious stone like pearl, amethyst, malachite or topaz, among others.

Once the hoop and stone are selected, the options and designs are infinite, since the stones can be carved in different shapes (oval, heart, emerald, pear type …) and the color will vary depending on the stone chosen to create the ring.

If you want to get the solitary ring right, you must take into account some aspects of your partner, such as the size of the hand and fingers where he will wear it or the skin tone. These characteristics, in addition to your partner’s own taste, will determine what the perfect engagement ring should be like. Remember, on the other hand, that, although this jewel is not intended for daily use, it must adapt perfectly to the finger of the receiving hand to prevent it from moving or losing. The solitaire ring is designed to wear it in any event, as a symbol of engagement between the couple.

What is a solitary ring and what is it for? 2

What is the solitary ring for?

The solitaire ring is a piece of jewelry that has a long history behind it. Traditionally, it symbolizes commitment and fidelity between a couple and therefore has become the indispensable element in any hand order. The engagement ring is the first step towards marriage.

On the other hand, the diamond set in it represents purity and strength, two concepts directly related to commitment.

History of the solitaire ring

To find the first solitary rings we must go back to the year 1477, when Maximilian I of Austria, king of Romans and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, decided to marry Mary of Burgundy. In order to show his power and be able to close the agreement, he gave him a metal hoop with a diamond set.

This is considered the first engagement ring in history and, without a doubt, marked a before and after in the history of jewelry, since this gesture of Maximilian I of Austria has become a tradition and a symbol, since there is no bride who prides herself who does not receive her solitary ring in her hand order.

How to choose the perfect solitaire ring

Now that you know what the solitaire ring is and what it is used for, you must take into account certain aspects to choose the engagement ring that leaves your soulmate speechless. If you want to get it right, the main thing is to know perfectly the hand where it will be placed. Skin type and tone are important characteristics, but you can’t fail with size. Try to measure your fingers subtly or borrow another ring that you know is going perfectly for reference.

On the other hand, in jewelry you must select the type of metal hoop and the stone that will best suit your hand, also taking into account your own tastes. Selecting a personalized ring is a way to get it right, recreating your love in the form of a ring. Remember that solitaire pretends to be a symbol of commitment, so we recommend betting on an exclusive and elegant piece, adapted to the style of the hand that will receive it: classic, daring, sophisticated or avant-garde models. If you don’t know what type of ring to choose, Jorge Juan Joyeros will help you.

Keep in mind that the solitary ring will be the protagonist of one of the most emotional, exciting and romantic moments of your life and will start a new path to travel as a couple. Make it special by betting on a solitary ring that perfectly represents what your relationship symbolizes and is a reflection of what your soulmate is like. Sure right!

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