What does it mean to dream that you fall 3
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What does it mean to dream that you fall

What does it mean to dream that you fall 3

Have you ever dreamed that you fall? This is a type of dream that almost everyone has had at some point in our life, but what interpretation deserves the feeling of sliding, falling down a cliff or throwing yourself into the void from a bridge. All of them can have different meanings alluding to different aspects of our life, whether on the social, economic or loving plane. If something similar has happened to you recently and you want to know what it means to dream that you fall, pay attention to this article from info-grinik to find out.

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Sometimes, we do not get to dream of a fall into the void properly, but we experience the feeling of losing our balance while we are asleep. In this case, it can mean that you are in a personal moment in which you have lost the course of your life and do not know how to redirect it. It is synonymous with having lost confidence in yourself, your ability to overcome and the security you previously had.


Dream that you fall off a cliff

This is perhaps one of the most frequent dreams related to falls. Its meaning is related to the fear of failure, of not achieving the proposed life goals and the terrifying idea of having lost complete control of your life. In addition, it can reveal that you are suffering problems in the workplace, in which you feel stuck and unable to continue advancing in your career. Dreaming of this type of fall into the void is also likely to announce future losses of money.

What does it mean to dream that you fall 2


Dream that you fall off a bridge

Now, if you have dreamed that the fall occurs from a bridge, then this means that both your physical and emotional state is quite resentful. You may be going through some kind of difficult situation that generates nervousness, anxiety and stress, so you can’t get to rest well at night.


Dream of a free fall into the water

There is also the probability that one night you have dreamed that you yourself were throwing yourself into a body of water. Specifically, this dream expresses that lately you are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and harassed by your own emotions, which do not let you see things clearly and are affecting your mood day after day.

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There are other details that can be taken into account in the meaning of dreaming that you fall. For example, if you dream that during your fall you do not encounter any obstacles and experience a great sense of freedom, this means that you are enjoying a full and positive love life. On the contrary, if at the end of the fall you have noticed a strong impact or blow, this could mean that someone in your environment you fully trust, could betray you.


The final feeling of sleep also has its own interpretation. And if you dream that you fall and feel terror or get scared, indicate your lack of security or the loss of it at this precise moment in your life. On the other hand, if you fall but do not be alarmed or scared, it represents that you have enough strength and capacity to face difficult circumstances and manage to overcome them for yourself.

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