What does it mean to dream that they shoot me? 1
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What does it mean to dream that they shoot me?

What does it mean to dream that they shoot me? 1

Have you ever wondered what it means to dream that you are shot? Dreams have meaning, often it doesn’t necessarily have to be literal. When we dream, emotions and memories come to light that were buried or even repressed. It’s not about obsessing about every dream you have and looking for a meaning, but if you have a recurring dream with a topic that worries you, you may have to think about it. From unComo.com we tell you what it means to dream that you are shot.

Steps to follow:

  1. Dreams have many meanings and when there is a recurring one it is important to analyze it to have true control of your emotional world. A very common dream that is very threatening is to be shot. If you have seen yourself in this situation in dreams, it may mean that you are a victim. This shot can be the result of a chase, a robbery or even an accident. But the most perennial memory when you woke up is precisely that shot, and it may even be at that moment when you just woke up.

    What does it mean to dream that they shoot me? 2

  2. You should take stock of your life and think about what your existence is like right now. Do you feel like a victim of someone, have you been assaulted in any way by someone? Your work may be very hard and you are suffering harassment. It may also be that your partner mistreats you in various ways or even that friends or colleagues take advantage of you or make you empty. The concept of victim is very relative but it will depend on your particular life, it is related to some situation that generates impotence and you feel attacked. Think a little about your personal social environment, you may not feel happy or comfortable in some of them and it may be time to make changes. Talk to the person who is making you feel bad and you will see how you will start sleeping better.
  3. Dreams do not always have a totally clear meaning and many times according to the person it will have different interpretations. When you dream that you are shot, it can also mean that you are punishing yourself. You may punish yourself or think you deserve punishment for some mistake you made. You may have been wrong, you may feel sorry or you have hurt someone. Be that as it may, you feel guilty about something and carry a pain on top that causes you these dreams.

    What does it mean to dream that they shoot me? 3

  4. In order to overcome this problem, you can try to apologize and correct the error with that person. But if it is not possible to solve it or you have simply done the damage to yourself, you will have to learn to forgive yourself. A task that is not easy and that is achieved with time, patience, will and life experiences. Practicing forgiveness is going to be something that you will have to do in many moments of your life and perhaps now it is a good time.
  5. Another aspect to consider to understand the final meaning of the dream is to know how it ends. If after the shot you feel well, it means that you are beginning to overcome the problem. If, on the contrary, when you are shot you die, it is that you have not yet found a way to overcome or overcome that situation that makes you feel bad. What you should keep in mind is that, regardless of the end of the dream, your mind sends signals you and warns you that there is a problem that you must solve as soon as possible.

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