Varied and fresh tomato salads

“Many salads can be made with tomato: from the most typical, made up of tomato alone, seasoned, to other more original ones, with seafood or strawberries. This vegetable reaches its fullness of flavor at the beginning of spring and lasts during the summer. Although it can be purchased throughout the year, the heat and sun of this season provide the best conditions for the production of the most natural tomato. That is why it is at this time, when the best preparations are achieved. Here are some ideas for enjoying refreshing tomato in the hot months.

Tomato, salad variants

The most typical tomato salad is also the simplest. Contains this vegetable cut into wedges or slices, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. But the basic recipe with tomato has variants. It is possible to mince a very fine garlic or a fresh chive, also cut into thin slices (julienned), add a few leaves of coriander or basil, or pour a few drops of vinegar. This last practice is very widespread, although it adds excessive acidity to the salad. To avoid this, a few drops of orange juice or balsamic vinegar could be used, which provides a slightly sweet counterpoint.

If you want to add a little more nutrients to your tomato salad and turn that starter into a unique dish, you should not neglect the possibility of accompanying the tomato seasoned with oil and salt with some strips of canned anchovies, either salted or vinaigrette, or with a little crumbled northern bonito. You can also sauté a few pieces of fresh bonito or anchovy fillets in a pan and place on the bed of seasoned tomatoes. An exquisite taste experience.

If you prefer to prepare tomato salad with seafood, you can opt for grilled mussels or razor clams, in addition to the typical peeled and sautéed small prawns or prawns, or slightly cooked. You can accompany this tomato salad with a vinaigrette garnished as a salpicón, with a few pieces of chives, garlic, red pepper and a few drops of lemon, instead of vinegar.

Sometimes, you can base the sliced ​​tomato with olive oil and a pinch of salt. As a counterpoint of textures, the salad admits nuts, such as hazelnuts or toasted almonds; dried fruits, such as raisins, which give it a sweet counterpoint; or a few small cubes of cream cheese, goat cheese or mozzarella, a harmonious combination, since the tomato juices and the oil become an ideal sauce for dipping with bread. In this case, it is difficult not to leave the plate sparkling and clean.

Tomato salad with strawberries

Tomato combines in an incredible way with strawberries, a mixture that will let your imagination run wild. You can prepare a few pieces of tomato with olive oil, strawberries and a little salt, stir and, in a bowl with a lid, leave to marinate for an hour. It is stirred from time to time, so that the juices of both products mix, and it can be accompanied with some of the recipes described.

An alternative is the liquid tomato salad par excellence, the gazpacho, if you add some strawberries macerated with the tomato.”

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