How to make eggplant lasagna 1
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How to make eggplant lasagna

Eggplant lasagna is the perfect option for those who want to consume a delicious dish but without too many calories, in addition to becoming an ideal alternative for those who prefer a vegetarian diet. Using eggplant instead of pasta you can create a dish full of flavor and perfect to enjoy this versatile vegetable. If […]

How to cook pasta 1
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How to cook pasta

There are endless pasta recipes, but the first thing to do when cooking it is to boil the pasta correctly. It is not at all complicated but it is necessary to know the order of the steps to follow to get a rich and ready pasta. Therefore, in aComo we want to explain in detail […]

How to cook canes 1

How to cook canes

One of the greatest delicacies of gastronomy worldwide is seafood. Tasting these fresh foods is a real delight for the palate of many people, but it is necessary to know how to prepare them properly, because, for example, aspects such as cooking seafood are sometimes not as simple as it may seem. In this recipe […]