Pink clay mask- what is it for and how to make it 2

Pink clay mask: what is it for and how to make it

Pink clay is, in fact, a combination of white clay and red clay that is found in nature itself and that, in turn, can be found in prepared products that have the ideal mixture to make beneficial masks. In this way, we see that pink clay combines the good properties of both clays; from white or kaolin we extract that it is rich in aluminum silicates, while from red clay we extract its particular composition, in which iron oxide predominates.

The presence of all these minerals and trace elements makes pink clay an ideal ingredient to make homemade masks that clean and nourish the face in depth. If you want to know more about this beauty gift that nature gives us, in a info-grinik we tell you everything you need to know about this ingredient. Take note, because we talk about pink clay: what it’s for and how to make it, among other details.

What is the pink clay mask for?

What is pink clay for? Is it as beneficial as white or red clay? Whether you have normal or dry skin or if your complexion has a tendency to excess oil, a pink clay mask can become the perfect ally in your beauty routine. And it is that combined with other ingredients, its powder texture is perfect to clean the skin without attacking it, which is why it is also recommended even for the most sensitive skin. The white clay it contains guarantees the absorbent and antiseptic capacity of the mask, which makes it perfect to help solve problems such as acne, small scars or wounds that may exist on the skin and blackheads caused by the obstruction of the pores.

In addition, pink clay has other interesting components such as iron, silicon, calcium and magnesium, a cocktail of minerals that supposes an extra nutrient for the skin and that, therefore, contributes to its firmness and luminosity. Masks based on pink clay, in general, are very suitable to revitalize mature skin, because in addition to their ability to exfoliate the complexion gently, it contributes to minimizing the presence of age-specific spots.

Pink clay mask- what is it for and how to make it 2

How to make pink clay masks

Pink clay is used in numerous treatments in spas and beauty centers, and you can also make your masks by mixing it with different ingredients, always taking into account your skin type and the specific problem you want to solve.

This clay is a fine powder that mixes very easily. You can make yours with two basic elements: water, preferably mineral, avoiding that of the faucet because of its chlorine content, and the pink clay itself. Add, at half a cup of water, the amount of clay you need until you manage to make this combination acquire a creamy consistency to easily apply it to the face. In addition to this basic mask, you have other options that give excellent results, for example:

  • Combat acne: add to the described mixture a few drops of aloe vera extract and you will get an excellent mask both to cleanse the complexion in depth and to combat the presence and acne, something that is due to the antibacterial properties of aloe vera.
  • Nourish your skin: do you want a pink clay mask that nourishes your skin in depth? Add to the primary mixture (water and clay) a tablespoon of honey or, if you prefer, half a crushed avocado, stirring well and adding a little water if you notice that the mask is too dense. The healthy fats contained in avocado and its high concentration of vitamin E, an excellent natural antioxidant, increase the anti-aging effect of this mask.
  • Tone the face: if you are looking for a mask that refreshes and tones the face, combine 2 tablespoons of pink clay with half a glass of plain yogurt and add half grated cucumber (or blended). You will have clean and toned skin in a matter of minutes.
Pink clay mask- what is it for and how to make it

How to use the pink clay mask

When mixing between the pink clay and the rest of the ingredients you have chosen, remember that the ideal is to do it in a non-metallic container and using utensils such as spoons or spatulas always made of wood or silicone to mix the products well.

  1. Before applying the mask, check that it has the ideal consistency. It should look like a homogeneous paste but unctuous and easy to apply.
  2. Once prepared, the mask should rest for a few minutes. Meanwhile, take the opportunity to clean your face, washing your face with a neutral soap and warm water and drying it well with a soft towel without rubbing your skin.
  3. Then, spread the mask over the face leaving the eye area free. You can extend it with a brush or with your own fingers, always seeking good coverage.
  4. Leave the pink clay on for about 10 minutes and, after this time, remove it with plenty of warm water to obtain a fresh and revitalized skin.

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  • Try not to exceed in time. The mask should not dry completely by solidifying on the face to avoid difficulties when removing it.

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