Office rental in Madrid during the Covid-19 pandemic 1
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Office rental in Madrid during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the stride to endless activities of both economic and social nature. However, the recovery of everything that makes up a society and a country requires foresight, determination and commitment. With this, the rental of offices in Madrid offers in Belbex a large catalog with which to choose the best located office, taking into account the security and reinvention needs that the overcoming of the coronavirus demands.

Office rental in Madrid during the Covid-19 pandemic 1

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Adapt to new needs

Given the long-term risk of the purchase, renting an office is always more practical and economical. The range of uncertainties that, unfortunately, sometimes awaits the future, such as the current de-escalation of confinement during the uncertain recess of the coronavirus pandemic, carries a component of great concern that would be difficult to get rid of when making a large investment. However, betting on the rental of offices, and even in the circumstances, is a bet on greater tranquility. In addition, with the security and certainty of having many more rental options adapted to any need.

Under that idea, the rental of offices in Madrid enjoys a great disposition in the market. Counting, through companies like Belbex, with more than 3,000 offices for rent in the province of Madrid in almost 1,800 buildings, of which 708 are exclusively office. Deployed throughout Madrid and with multiple space options, an ideal fact taking into account the new needs that Covid-19 has raised in the management of day-to-day life in society. Offering, in the same way, an alternative to the conventional office with innovative flexible and coworking spaces, whose affordability is commensurate with its unbeatable location.

Despite the economic and social slowdown under which the world has been subjugated because of viral risk, little by little access to normality begins to be drawn as an achievablepossibility. With it, the return of the flow of life and all its activities, luxuries and businesses that, in one way or another, will require a strong and armored restart to face everything that is to come. It is necessary to have an accurate and useful forecast plan in order to find in chaos the tranquility of having everything well tied. As it would be, in this case, and taking advantage of the half-freedom of the state of alarm, investigate and decide on the rental of the most suitable office.

Every smallest detail counts

First, and taking into account the health prevention requirements required by both the law and common sense, it is necessary to repair the best location where to rent an office. With a relevant emphasis on the geographical situation enjoying some relevance and, in addition, having a strategic component. Thus, Berblex offers rental offices spread throughout Las Rozas, with a large presence of offices, in the multiple business parks of Pozuelo de Alarcón; Alcobendas, chosen by many multinationals; San Sebastián de los Reyes, with companies such as Telepizza or Atresmedia and Tres Cantos, with more than 90 scientific and technological companies.

Other points to consider have to do with the environment of the rented office. For example, the accessibility of the office, so the need for good communication in order to facilitate the departure to work of employees actively influences. Likewise, it was close to other points of interest, useful so that any need, both foreign and specific to the sector, is easily solved. And with no less necessary interest, the aesthetic aspects, maintenance and energy, of the office. Entering here the luminosity or space of the facilities of the same, even more so with the responsibility of keeping distances at risk of contagion.

Looking to the future

All in all, Belbex is a platform that, together with its extensive office rental service in Madrid, offers all kinds of detailed information about each office, duly contrasted with the owner under maximum transparency. Having in its precise descriptions both the building and the neighborhood where it is located. Its year of construction, general characteristics, nearby means of transport and its distance from the office and a list of nearby points of interest. Both shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and even public administrations. Total precision in complete detail.

It is still early to determine how hard or intense the consequences of Covid-19 will be in the world. The halt of the economy is, in itself, a bad drink that augurs great sacrifices, but in favor of hope it is possible to interfere from the synergy of all to get us out of this temporary anxiety. Every small gesture is important and is a gigantic step forward. From, finally, attending a hotel business, maintaining safe distances, to fortify your return to the natural course; to renting some offices and betting much more strongly towards the reinvention of the whole that will entail the end of this pandemic.

Office rental in Madrid during the Covid-19 pandemic 2

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