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Names for clothing stores

You are preparing a clothing venture and your head is full of ideas, but you lack the name! If you have a project for a business, but you need a name to start shaping it and materializing it, don’t worry, in a info-grinik we will help you find it easily.

Names for clothing stores 5

If it is a question of names for clothing stores, you need certain parameters to find the correct name. In this sense, it will be very useful to answer the following basic questions: what style of clothing do you plan to market?, what audience is it aimed at?, who are your competitors?, and how would you like your customers to perceive the brand?

If you already have the answers, hold them there, and keep reading, because in this article you will find many reference names that can serve as inspiration, specifically for unisex, feminine, sports, used and online clothing stores. In addition, we will give you many key tips to create the ideal name in each case.

Names for unisex clothing stores

Unisex clothing stores are aimed at both men and women, usually young. The pieces are simple, they do not have characteristics that determine the gender to which they are directed, that is, their appearance is neutral. If you want to name a store of this style, play with words that denote ambiguity, simplicity and modernity. That said, consider the following factors, when choosing names for unisex clothing stores:

  1. Use a short name. You can choose a word or a combination of several words (no more than three). If you use initials, use two or three letters and a word that serves to identify the characteristics of your business. For example: Nanos, Andreas Estilo, KM Modas, ZG Tendencias, etc.
  2. If you use a name in another language, choose it easy and short. Look for it easy to pronounce and, preferably, that it is written as it is pronounced. For example: Nikki’s Fashion.
  3. Use a name that identifies the style of the store. In this case, you already know that it must be noted that it is a unisex store. For example: Dual Style.
  4. You need a trade name. Look for it striking, easy, and that it is printed in people’s memory. For example: The Hanger.
  5. Check if that name is not given by another company. This is very important, not only to formalize the name of your company, but also to know if there is already a popular brand with that name or a similar one, because it will be more difficult to compete.
  6. Register your name in the domain registry. At the end of the process, you can use your trade name online, through your website and your social networks.

If you take into account all these tips, you will surely find the ideal name for your store. For now, you can be inspired by our proposals:

  • Total Look
  • They and They
  • Them
  • Vas-IN
  • Guao Casual
  • Styles
  • Mola Moda
  • Tag Fashion
  • Zelfie Boutique
  • # Fashion
  • Alexa Boutique
  • A-Avatar Look
  • MOA
  • Share Fashion
  • Nous
  • Unisex equation
  • Global village
  • Aldea Fashion
  • Akira
  • Akira’s Boutique
  • Dual Trends
  • ADN Fashion
  • Villa Global
  • Replicators
  • Andros Fashion
  • Fashion 2.0
  • Ardhanari
  • Tyresias
  • Beta fashion
  • Kultura Fashion
  • Nanos
  • Millennials Gurus
  • Gurus Thendy
  • Neo Modas
  • Fashion Station
  • Quantum Room
  • Others
  • Ambiguous
  • The Hanger
  • Our fashion
  • Animus
  • Other Tendencies
  • U2-Tendesias
  • Alternate 2
  • Same@ Fashion
  • Same@ Trend
  • Thendy Tribe
  • Thendy Key
  • Ironic@
  • Ironic people

Names for women’s clothing stores

Women’s clothing businesses are a very successful undertaking, since they have a large market, although with a lot of competition. For the latter, you need to choose an attractive, creative, glamorous, and easy-to-remember name, among other things that you can check below:

  1. Use your name: this alternative is very interesting, since this way you customize the shopping experience. To make it more attractive, you can use the diminutive of your name. For example, Charo Boutique, Majo Moda, etc. You can also create compound words with your first name (or diminutive) plus your last name, that is, meaningless words like Marb (April Martínez).
  2. Use a word related to fashion or the type of clothes you sell. Thus, customers will have an idea of the merchandise that is in your store. For example, Moda Chic, Seventeen or Minimal Look.
  3. Use the location of the store. If you have already rented or bought a store, you can identify your store with the name of the site. This way, customers will remember where your store is located. In addition, you will transmit that your business is stable and will remain there for a long time. For example: La Rambla Boutique or Fifth Avenue Boutique.
  4. Consider the type of audience you are looking for. If the style of your store is oriented towards a very specific audience, then use words that indicate that. For example, if it is a young audience, use modern or funny words. On the other hand, if it is a more mature audience, use sophisticated words, related to comfort and glamour. Thus, you quickly capture the right audience.

Did you take note? Well, keep it on hand, while checking our suggestions for names for clothing and accessories stores, surely some will seem interesting:

  • Gala
  • Alexa Boutique
  • Gallu
  • Kala
  • Zofya
  • Izask
  • Zá Zá
  • Pailletés
  • Boutique Caprichos
  • Madame Moda
  • Zask
  • Malú
  • Dressed in sugar
  • Fridas
  • Khalo’s
  • Evas
  • Rafaellas
  • Sophy
  • Fashion Pampering
  • Ornella
  • Lulu Boutique
  • Tily Moda
  • Muti Moda
  • Mikos
  • Sheena Clothing
  • Mimi
  • Charlotte Shop
  • Cher Shop
  • Femme
  • Kika’s Shop
  • Avadore
  • Avvas
  • Karamel
  • Venus Clothing
  • Lolitas
  • Malú Style
  • Matilda
  • Abril Store
  • Kiki
  • Judy Trends
  • Carissa
  • Mouchette
  • Amélie
Names for clothing stores 2

Names for sportswear stores

What should a name for a sports store transmit to us? Dynamism, competition, sports atmosphere, feeling of victory, comfort, etc. For example, Nike inspired its name in the Greek goddess of victory, called Nikéo or Nike (in Greek, Νίκη). According to Greek mythology, she presides over athletic competitions and military disputes. That is, they found the perfect name to inspire buyers to use the brand and dress for victory. Thinking about everything said above, take note of the following tips to find names for sports stores:

  1. Choose a trade name: look for short, easy-to-remember and hooked names. For example, Train, Sport, etc.
  2. Use your name or diminutive: this allows you to create word games or compound words. For example, you can use part of your first and last name; part of your diminutive and your last name; the initials of your first and last name, etc. So did Adi Dassler (Adolf Dassler), who renamed the company he had with his brother, putting Adidas on him.
  3. Words in foreign languages: sports stores with names in other languages (especially English), are very attractive. Of course, before choosing a certain word, always think that it should be easy to pronounce. For example, All Sport, Winner, Olympic Sport, etc.
  4. Geographically identify your business through the name: If you use the name of your city or region, your customers will know how to locate you and you customize your store more. Some examples would be Barcelona Sport Shop, Mexico City Comfort, among others.

Well, you already have the skeleton to create that ideal name for your enterprise. Now all that remains is to look for inspiration, so here is a good material:

  • Prometheo
  • Prometheum
  • Torch Sports Shop
  • Olympia Sports
  • Olympus
  • Victorem
  • Versus Shop Sport
  • Versus
  • Podium
  • Stadium
  • Impulse Fit Shop
  • Ribbon
  • Fitness Bookmark
  • Medal
  • Meta Sport
  • Olympics
  • Record
  • Sports Trophies Shop
  • Medalist
  • Relay Sports Shop
  • Tactical Sports Store
  • Victoria
  • Competition
  • Agon
  • Eros Sports Fashion
  • Heracles
  • Hermes Sport
  • Pólux Fitness
  • Athletic Ars
  • Ludus
  • Olive tree
  • Jaguar
  • Ascension
  • Triathlon
  • Mario Sport Shop
  • Javier Ludus Shop
  • Jaduss Shop
  • D.M. Champions
  • Record R.M. Sport
  • The Medalist Shop
  • Lucas Moda Fitness
  • Fit Style
  • Fitness Fashion

Names for used clothing stores

Starting with a second-hand clothing store is a great idea, because second-hand garments have a large market. It is logical, since this type of place provides people with the opportunity to buy quality products at a very good price. In addition, it allows them to create their own outfit, very original and with vintage touches. If this is the business you want to start, take note of the following points to consider, before choosing names for used clothing stores:

  1. Study the names of the competition: use them as inspiration to create one that stands out more or is more original.
  2. Use your name: this way you give more personality to the store. If you use your name or the tiny one, you can combine it with the other alternatives that we propose. For example: Moncho Shop.
  3. Use a short and easy-to-remember name: the words simple to remember and with hook are printed in the memory of buyers.
  4. Help yourself with words that describe your merchandise: use descriptive words that indicate what you want to sell.
  5. Use words in another language: this is a very attractive alternative, but you must look for words that are easy to pronounce, short and that when translating them have to do with your business. An interesting alternative would be for you to create a name with a word in Spanish and another in some foreign language.

Once we have clear ideas, about how to get a good name for our business, we only have to look for many examples. Thinking about this, here are some good alternatives:

  1. Vintage Wardrobe
  2. Tiendita Vitange
  3. Vintage Corner
  4. Vinta Penthouse
  5. La Tiendita
  6. Lola’s Shop
  7. Used Tá
  8. Pass it to me
  9. Second Hand
  10. Another Hand
  11. Rescue it
  12. The Menchu Bazaar
  13. Menchu’s Shop
  14. 2nd Round
  15. 2Chance
  16. Juanco Store
  17. Behind the Dressing Room
  18. Melo Yevo
  19. Yevo’s Shop
  20. Chance Shop

Names for clothing stores 3

Names for online clothing stores

If we are talking about an online clothing store, any of the above recommendations can also serve as a guide, of course, depending on the style of clothes you sell. However, the most important thing, when choosing the name for this type of venture, is to consider that the name of your e-commerce may be the same as your online domain (and preferably it should be). Therefore, it must be a name that can be easily found on the Internet. That said, let’s look at the main aspects to create names of online stores:

  1. Easy to remember. In such a competitive area, you need to create a name that is preferably short, very identifying, although not repetitive and that is easy to remember.
  2. Connection with the target audience. You need to create a universe around your brand, and transmit through the name, the following aspects: brand values and emotional connection with customers.
  3. Easy to find on the network. Since your e-commerce name may be your domain name, keep in mind that it is easy to find on the Internet and that there is nothing else with the same name that is more popular, because it will appear first in the search engines.

We already covered the first step, knowing what an online clothing store name needs to be effective. Here are some examples of inspiration:

  • Follow me
  • One click away Fashion
  • The Mouse Dresss You Up
  • Fashionable Mouse
  • Fashion Networks
  • The Virtual Hanger
  • Virtual Fashion
  • Fashion and Knitting
  • Pikki Moda
  • Karmé Fashion
  • KK Fashion
  • K-ki
  • HG Fashion Wholesalers
  • Karmin Style
  • Karmen
  • Label
  • Label mouse
  • Kadu
  • Kamela
  • Tincho Bargains
  • Niko Style
  • Gio Fashion
  • Giocher
  • Malena Shop
  • Trot Fashion
  • Sukka
  • Zukka
  • Barcode

Names for clothing stores in English

The names for stores in English work very well for clothing stores. Perhaps it is because, generally, his words are shorter or because most of the terminology of current fashion is in that language.

If you decide on an Anglo-Saxon name, choose it short, easy to pronounce (even better if it sounds the same as it is written or very similar), and that, when translating it, its meaning is related to your business. That said, take a look at our proposals for clothing store names in English:

  • Its Girl
  • QR Fashion
  • Hippy Chic
  • Reply Fashion
  • Organic Fashion
  • Out Fit Shop
  • Nanos Thendy
  • Reaction Fashion
  • They Shop
  • Personal Shooper
  • Preppy Boutique
  • Street Style
  • Village Thendy
  • Meme Fashion
  • Minimal Fashion
  • Share Fashion
  • 2Round
  • Sweet Kittie
  • Creative Fashion
  • Followers
  • Cool Hunter
  • Avant Fashion
  • Influencer
  • Influencer Fashion
  • Influencer Thend
  • Basic Look
  • Cherry Boom Shop
  • #Fashion
  • Ironic People
Names for clothing stores 4

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  • Investigate the names of the competition and analyze how they devised them.
  • Make a list of the names you like the most.
  • Show your friends and/or family the names you decocted.
  • Do a survey on the networks about the name that would look best, to people who could be potential customers.
  • Check if your name is not owned by another company.
  • Register the name legally, and in the domain registry.

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