Jars for storing natural tomato sauce

Many families maintain the custom of making natural tomato sauce and keeping it for use over the next few months. In addition to the conditions of its preparation, it is necessary to know some guidelines for its storage in the cupboard or some other kitchen furniture. This article details the convenience of glass jars and metal lids for storing tomato sauce and the importance of storing them in cool places without much light and labeling them with the date of manufacture.

Making tomato sauce and storing it in jars to dispose of it over the next few months, especially during winter, is a deeply rooted custom in Spanish culture. Despite the fact that more and less industrial and homemade products are consumed, many families continue to blunt tomatoes, either to take advantage of a good harvest in the town or because a good supply of tomatoes has been found in the store.

Glass jars and metal lid for tomato sauce

In any case, in addition to taking care of the sanitary conditions during its realization, it is also worth taking into account where and how to store the cans in the kitchen, and not only to guarantee their correct conservation, but also so that they occupy the most appropriate place, without generating discomfort of any kind.

Regarding the type of jars, it is unquestionable that the best are those made of glass with metal lids, screw closure and internal rubber seal. They guarantee an appropriate airtightness and, in addition, they are the easiest to wash and sterilize (before placing the sauce inside, it is advisable to boil them for about 30 minutes).

Boats in cool dark places

It is advisable that the boats are in a cool place that does not receive much light. Light can cause chemical oxidation of the sauce and, as a consequence, make it lose color. This does not necessarily imply that the product is in poor condition, but it does mean that it loses quality. As it is not essential that they be in an easily accessible place, they can be stored in any piece of furniture that serves as a pantry: a cupboard, any corner under the counter, etc.

Since the boats will be in a fairly hidden place, it is not convenient to decorate them too much. Nor if the idea is to reuse these containers (what is recommended at an economic and environmental level), since they will have to be boiled again when the time comes. The only addition that they should carry is the label with the date they have been made, an important fact to take into account at the time of consumption.

Labels on the cans with the date of manufacture

An ideal resource for labeling is the use of paper with an easy-to-remove self-adhesive system, such as post-its or the price of certain items. In this way, when the preservation is finished, the paper can be removed without problems, and thus the can can be reused, without the placement of a new label being an inconvenience or affecting the container.

On the other hand, beyond each bottle having its own label, it is convenient to keep them in a specific order that is easy to follow. It should be ensured that the oldest ones are closer to hand than those made recently, to facilitate the task when going to look for them and avoid that, due to some oversight, the newest ones are consumed first and those that carry more remain there. weather. If many months pass, the latter could be spoiled.

If they have been produced in the appropriate way (that is, if the processes of sterilization of the containers, preparation of the sauce, personal hygiene – clean hands and nails, collected hair, wounds covered with dressings, etc. have been thoroughly carried out – , cooking in a bain-marie of already closed jars) the canned can be used up to two years after it is made.

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