How to support artistic work?

How to support artistic work?


How to support artistic work?

To support artistic work is to support the full development of human beings.

Creativity is a typically human faculty; it is the ability to create, it is something that connects us with transcendence, with divinity. The simple fact of contemplating the world produces an effect on us, allowing us to become aware of the universe around us.

Art is an important element in this process of connection with our consciousness beyond the intellect, such as intuition.

In other words, artistic work is extremely valuable, because it is a reflection of transcendent aspects of the world around us, of who we are, of the way we relate, of expressing what we feel and many more important aspects of our existence.

However, in our day we live surrounded by materialism, associating the importance of professions with the degree of remuneration of them; this fallacious thought has meant that artistic work is not considered in the same way as that of an accountant or lawyer, putting it in a second category.

It is the irony of life, which teaches us the need of the human being to experience beauty, to feel connected with other people and with the world around us, to develop our capacity to reflect and express what we perceive and everything that is capable of achieve art, which makes it important to support art.

That’s why Capital of Art compares four simple ways in which you can support artistic work.

 How to support artistic work:

  1. Cultural events attend: the weekend arrives and sometimes we are bored at home without knowing what to do, what better than to support art by attending concerts, exhibitions and cultural events in the city; so in addition to supporting the sustainable development of the artist you can have a good time.
  2. Acquire art goods: another way to support art is by consuming the artist’s work, in this way you are contributing so that this artist you like so much can continue doing his work.
  3. Disseminate the information: We are accustomed to claiming cheap content from traditional media on their screens, but what do we do so that art reaches our homes and we can transmit it? Sharing artistic content by digital means is an excellent way to meet artists who strive every day to inspire and disseminate their art. If you like something, share it with your friends and on your social networks.
  4. Don’t ask for discounts or free works: Unfortunately there are those who think that the artists’ work is remunerated with exhibition, however, on many occasions they do not receive any payment, they are simply lending them the space or platform to show their work. An artist like anyone else has material needs and accounts payable, so giving a discount or something free is not always in his possibilities.
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“The world is nothing more than a canvas for our imagination” David Thoreau

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