How to start playing sports

How to start playing sports

How to start playing sports

A recurring goal for anyone can be to exercise and become a habit to be healthier. Whether for aesthetic interests or health, physical exercise rather than an imposition is better to visualize it as a healthy habit with many benefits. However, taking the first step is usually complicated, especially when you want to start playing sports after a long time without having done it or even if you have never exercised frequently.

To help you put aside your doubts, in unCOMO we offer you several tips to discover how to start playing sports. So, if you want to know how to start training and make it a habit, read on and discover the keys to achieve and enjoy it.

Set your realistic goal

If you want to start exercising from 0, the first thing to keep in mind is that you have to set a goal, that is, to mentalize yourself if you really want to exercise and what goal you want to achieve with it. Of course, you must set plausible goals so that, later, you do not experience disappointments or a feeling of failure that make you give up exercising.

If, for example, you set yourself the goal of losing 10 kilos in a month, it is probably not a realistic goal. When you start exercising, you have to be realistic with your aspirations. Instead of losing a certain amount of kilos to lose, think about the simple fact of exercising to look and feel better. This way, the results will be easier to achieve, you will avoid imposing unnecessary pressures and you will lose the healthier overweight you are.

Don’t exceed your limit

To be clear about how to start exercising from 0 or if in your case you want to start playing sports with obesity or some other health problem, it is vital that you are aware of your physical condition and that you talk to your doctor about what may be the best rhythm for you, and even consult what type of sport or exercises you need. First of all there is your health and if you want to see optimal and lasting results, adjusting the sport to each phase of your evolution will be the best. It is also equally important to know how and when to start playing sports after childbirth and, therefore, we recommend talking to the doctor to go about insurance and take care of your health.

When exercising, the idea is to work your muscles consistently and avoid extreme fatigue. You must make sure to establish a functional rhythm, with a level of intensity according to your strength and endurance. When you start exercising, the frequency with which it is done is vital. Therefore, it is very important that you can exercise about 4 or 5 days a week, with training days of 30 minutes. However, this time can be divided into intervals, according to your convenience. The important thing is that the type and intensity of the exercise is set by you and start with something affordable for you in your current state and increase it as you need and evolve.

Start with easy exercises

Many think that to start exercising the gym is the solution. Of course, in the gym you will have trainers and specialized machinery to help you get in shape, but if you really want to take the first step, at home you can make a difference.

When you haven’t exercised for a long time, your body won’t stand too much physical demand, so you must be very careful not to injure yourself and select the exercises you do well. To start exercising from 0 you can focus on 3 types of aerobic exercises, that is, low intensity exercises to control your breathing and improve your physical condition:

  • Cardio: they are exercises that will help you raise your heart rate and control your breathing. Some simple examples are walking fast, going up and down stairs, running or cycling. If you want to know more examples, here you can see more Cardio exercises to do at home.
  • Flexibility: these exercises aim to improve your mobility, activating all your muscles. An example of this are stretches, jumps and strides. Here you can see moreFlexibility exercises.
  • Strength: with these exercises the goal is to gain muscle strength, using body weight as an ally to improve endurance. You can start with exercises such as squats, triceps backgrounds, irons, classic abs and push-ups. In this post we explain how to start doing push-ups.

Start with easy exercises 1

Design a fun routine to start training

If you still wonder how to start exercising to lose weight and be healthier, think it is essential to design a functional exercise routine adapted to your physical aptitudes. The idea is to have fun playing sports and not fix efforts superior to our strength and physical endurance, where exercise becomes a real torture.

Here is an example of an exercise routine to start playing sports that can be quite fun, although you can adapt it, so that you can start exercising at home. If you enjoy training, it will be much easier to adopt exercise as a habit.

  1. Clear the area where you will exercise and play music to cheer you up.
  2. To warm up your muscles, start with a series of stretches and elongations.
  3. Continue the warm-up with classic squats, strides and jumps, with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. Jumping with rope can be a more fun variant.
  4. Continue with 5 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of jogging for cardio.
  5. Alternate with variants such as going up and down stairs or cycling. Another fun option is to do a few minutes of dancing or zumba.
  6. Finish off your routine with chest push-ups or bicycle-type plates and abs, with 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. Remember to do as much as you can in each of the exercises, it is not necessary to fulfill all the series and repetitions at once; every day you can a little more.

Improve your diet to start exercising

Whether you focus on how to start exercising from 0 or, for example, on how to start exercising at age 50 or over, you must be clear about the vital importance of eating. If you consume excess fat and do not hydrate properly, for example, it will be very difficult for you to get exercise frequently.

Therefore, you must be clear about what foods to eat if you really intend to exercise. It is not about setting a strict diet to lose weight, but about eating well to have enough energy and of the right type during each training so that physical work is beneficial for the body. We recommend following these tips to improve your diet:

  • Have breakfast foods rich in vitamins, iron and fiber (fruits, cereals, whole wheat bread …).
  • Lunch foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals (eggs, vegetables, lean meats, cereals …).
  • At dinner, likewise, opt for foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as meats, fish and salads.
  • Take advantage of snacks after exercising to eat fruits, yogurts and natural juices.
  • Hydrate well during the day. It is best to drink water, but you can also drink it with infusions, teas and broths.
  • Avoid excessive frying and junk food.
  • Bet on cooking more and buying less precooked food.

Adopt the habit of exercising

You have to not only adopt the habit of playing sports, but also discard sedentary habits. If you want to start playing sports at home, in the gym or on the street and make it a habit, we recommend these tips:

  • Set a training schedule that fits your daily routine to combine it as best as possible.
  • Prepare a space in your house to exercise.
  • Select easy-to- perform exercises to avoid injuries and frustration when you start.
  • Start little by little, with simple routines that allow you to do, on average, 30 minutes of physical exercise daily.
  • Forget the excuses and perceive your time to play sports not as a punishment, but as a reward for your body and mind.

Reward your effort

After each day of training, you can reward your effort. How to do it? Giving you a taste, eating something rich and also healthy. A fruit salad, a smoothie, a yogurt, a fiber cookie… Any of the healthy food options you like will be good to fill your stomach and reward you deservedly for having met your daily exercise goal.

You can look for more ways to reward yourself, according to your tastes, and make some exceptions, but remember to try not to make them habits that lead you again to follow a line of sedentary lifestyle and bad nutrition.

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