How to remove silicone from the floor 3
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How to remove silicone from the floor

The use of silicone to fix, seal or repair tiles is very common, since it is an ideal material for this type of function. Wearing gloves and taking the appropriate precautions, applying silicone putty can also be used for the sealing of all types of floors: ceramics, stoneware, parquet, etc.

How to remove silicone from the floor

However, silicone can stain the floor or hands. The remains of putty that remain on the surface are unsightly, but they can also contribute to accelerating soil deterioration. If it has happened to you, in a info-grinik we tell you how to remove silicone from the floor easily. Keep reading!


The silicone dries quickly on the floor. If it has been 24 or 48 hours after application, you will probably find totally dry stains. In case you want to know how to remove dry silicone from the floor, you can scratch the tiles with a blade that serves to remove dirt from the surfaces.

In any case, this method is only recommended if the tiles are not excessively fragile. Try to lift the silicone putty gently from the bottom and avoid damaging the floor. If you don’t have a blade made to scratch the floor, opt for a thin knife or a spatula that allows you to cut the silicone and remove it, if possible, with your hands.

How to remove silicone from the floor 2

Clean the floor

This method will help you if you are looking for how to remove fresh silicone from the ground, because you can act quickly in the stained area. All you have to do is clean with some degreaser and the help of a cloth.

If you see that it has already dried and you can’t remove the stains this way, pour hot water into an atomizer container and apply it to the stained area of the floor. Repeat the action as many times as necessary to get the silicone wet and eliminate it more easily. This method is also useful if you want to remove the silicone from the ground without scratching.

Acetone and ether

Don’t know how to remove dry silicone from wood? Being a fragile surface, parquet needs a special method to remove the remains of putty, otherwise it is damaged with great ease. A mixture of acetone and ether will help you achieve it.

Removing silicone from the ground without scratching is possible thanks to this type of mixture. To do this:

  1. Dilute acetone and ether in equal amounts to obtain a solution that you must apply to the stained areas of the surface with a cloth.
  2. Rub lightly and progressively increase the intensity until you see that the dry silicone comes off.
  3. In this way, you manage to moisten the silicone and make it easier to remove.

Even so, this procedure has a negative aspect: excessive use of acetone causes a loss of brightness and color on the floor, so you need to measure well the amount of this product in the mixture made.

How to remove silicone from the floor 3

Vinegar, brandy, ethyl alcohol or gasoline

There are many products with which you can remove traces of silicone that remain on the floor. Before applying them, it is advisable to use a spatula or a blade to scratch the dry putty. If it is fresh, you can remove it with absorbent paper.

To finish removing the hardened silicone after using the blade or spatula, choose to apply brandy, ethyl alcohol, vinegar or gasoline. Any of these substances will be useful to get rid of the finest lines of putty.

To remove silicone with vinegar or any other of the products mentioned, follow these steps:

  1. Put on gloves and apply the product to the stained areas on the silicone floor.
  2. Wait for an interval of 5 to 10 minutes for the product to have its effect on the surface.
  3. After this time, gently rub on the stains with a sponge or scourer. Do it in circular movements.
  4. You will watch the dry silicone soften and you can remove it easily.
  5. When you have finished removing all the traces of silicone, clean the floor with some specific detergent to prevent the product to remove silicone from remaining on the surface and deteriorating it.

More tips to remove silicone from the floor

Choose any of the methods we have explained previously and it will be easy for you to remove the old silicone. However, in case you still have problems cleaning the silicone from the tiles, here are more tips that you can try:

  • If you have porcelain flooring, you can take a little more risk and use a blade, spatula or fine knife to remove the traces of silicone. It is a very resistant surface, so the risk of damaging it is much lower.
  • You can remove fresh silicone from floors such as stoneware with absorbent paper. It will be enough to remove it, since being wet requires less effort to get rid of it.
  • If the absorbent or drying paper is not enough to get fresh silicone to adhere, use a hair dryer. The heat will make it easier for the putty to stick to the paper and that, taking it with your hands, you can throw it away.
  • On lacquered or painted surfaces, avoid the use of alcohol and opt for another product to remove silicone. You can, for example, use a solvent, although only in cases where the silicone is completely dry and adhered to the ground.

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