How to remove hair dye stains on the skin

How to remove hair dye stains on the skin

How to remove hair dye stains on the skin

Dyeing our hair ourselves has many advantages. Among others, we managed to improve the look of our hair and save money in hairdressing. However, it may also have some cons, such as the dye stains that remain on our skin. If you’ve wondered how to remove dye stains from the skin, this article is for you.

When this happens, although they are difficult to eliminate, we can resort to some homemade tricks to make them disappear from the skin of the face, neck, hands, ears, etc. In the following article of unCOMO we show you the most effective techniques so that you know how to remove hair dye stains on the skin, all of them very simple and that you can try at home with products that we all have at home.

Soap and water

If the hair dye you have used is not permanent, try removing the dye stain from the skin with a damp cloth and a little soap. It will be enough to rub the stained area, but in case the stain does not disappear, something that probably happens if you have come this far, you still have many other options. Below we will explain other home remedies to remove dye stains.

Baby oil or disposable wipes

The skin of the face is one of the areas that most often stains with dye when we dye our hair at home. If this happens, it is important to clean it with a delicate product that does not irritate the skin and remove the stains effectively, because the skin of the face is more sensitive than that of the rest of the body.

In this sense, baby oil is an ideal homemade trick to know how to remove dye stains from the face, since it can be used on all skin types and anywhere on the body. You just have to apply it and leave it on overnight or for several hours. Then, remove it with warm water and the stains should come out without problems.

Disposable baby wipes or makeup remover wipes with oils or oily products can also help you if you are looking for how to remove dye from the skin.


Toothpaste is another product that can be effective when we look for how to remove dye stains on the skin and remove coloring particles. Apply some toothpaste to stained skin, massaging the area and then remove it with warm water. Repeat the process if necessary to manage to remove the dye.

Because its use will be occasional, you can also use toothpaste to remove dye stains from the face.

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Petroleum jelly or moisturizer

Apart from using these methods to remove dye spots on the skin, it is convenient to prevent their appearance before starting coloring. Before dyeing the hair, apply a little moisturizer or petroleum jelly to the skin, especially around the scalp, ears and areas prone to staining more easily.

If you got stained anyway, you can also use petroleum jelly to remove dye stains from the scalp and face. Apply it to the skin, massage it and, when you see that it acquires a darker tone, remove it with warm water. It may be advisable to leave it on overnight for the most difficult stains.

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Oxygenated water or nail polish remover

Normally, we usually have at home a bottle of oxygenated water to apply to the skin in case of wounds, which can also help us if we want to know how to remove the dye from the hands or skin. Soak a cotton ball with a little shampoo and oxygenated water and rub the stained area gently. Another trick to know how to remove dye stains from the nails and skin of the fingers is to use a small amount of acetone or nail polish remover.

Because they are a little more aggressive to the skin, we suggest using these tricks and home remedies only to remove dye stains from the hands or any other area of the body other than the face.

Lemon and dish soap

Lemon juice contains very powerful cleansing and bleaching properties and, mixing it with a little dish soap, it is very effective if you are looking to remove the black dye from the skin. Try not to abuse this method and be careful when applying it in the most sensitive areas. We do not suggest using it on the face.

If you use lemon and dish soap to remove the hair dye from the skin, do not expose yourself to the sun until you remove all the mixture with warm water, as it can stain the skin.

It may be that when you dye yourself at home, some garments of your clothes are stained with the product. In this article from unCOMO we give you the best tips with stronger products to remove dye stains on clothes.

Baking soda and soap

Baking soda is one of the most popular homemade products for cleaning the home, but it can also help you if you want to remove the dye from the skin. It is not recommended that you use it on your face, but you can easily use it on the skin of your hands or arms.

To know how to remove dye stains on the skin, mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of liquid soap and rub the stain area with the mixture. Rinse and the stain will have cleared easily.

With these products you can remove stains, but what if you want to wash the color because you didn’t like how it turned out? In this article we tell you how to remove the hair dye to return to your previous color.


How to dye your hair without getting stained

So you don’t have to worry about how to remove dye stains from the scalp, face and hands, and you can dye your hair at home like a professional, we advise you to follow some of these tips to prevent dye stains on the skin:

  • Apply a layer of petroleum jelly or moisturizer along the entire hairline before applying the dye. It covers the forehead area, neck, ears and jaw.
  • Wash your hair as soon as possible, because the longer the dye spends on the skin, the harder it will be to remove it from it.
  • Cover your hands with gloves before starting and, if you see that they are very short, apply some petroleum jelly on the skin of the wrists that are uncovered.
  • Put on a towel that you don’t mind staining around your shoulders so that all the skin of your neck and back is well covered and doesn’t stain.
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