How to protect your lips from the cold 5

How to protect your lips from the cold

In the coldest times of the year, when it is cold and windy, our lips crack, we get wounds and cuts that, in addition to bothering and hurting, make our mouth ugly. When this happens to us it is important that we heal the wounds well and that we help our lips recover, but it is also possible to prevent this from happening to us. There are many ways to do it and all are easy and economical, so from info-grinik we are going to explain how to protect your lips from the cold. Keep reading this article and don’t miss any detail so that this fall and winter are great for your lips as well.

Lip balm or petroleum jelly

Hydration is something fundamental to keep the lips in good condition, for this the best option is to use a balm, a lip cocoa or petroleum jelly. You can find this product in supermarkets and pharmacies, in addition they sell them of many different flavors and formats, such as small jars and comfortable lipsticks. In pharmacies, in addition to providing a protective layer to your lips against the cold and offering you a flavor that you like, can protect you from the effects of the sun and help you regenerate the skin. There are many brands, so if you have doubts about which one can work best in your case, consult the pharmacist who attends you, since she will know how to guide you and offer you the most suitable lip balm for you.

How to protect your lips from the cold 5

How to make a homemade lip balm

There are many ways to make a lip balm at home and many natural products can be used, s Anyway, let’s explain how to make one of the easiest and most effective there is, the lip balm based on shea butter. The properties of shea butter are many and offer us, among other things, a deep hydration of the skin. To make this homemade balm you will need the following ingredients and materials:

  • A jar in which you want to store the lip balm, which is small or medium so you can always carry it with you.
  • 15 grams of shea butter.
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil, with this we will get greater hydration and a softer and easier to apply texture than butter alone.
  • 1 drop of food coloring, if you want to give a touch of color to the balm.

Melt the shea butter in the water bath, when it is undone add the tablespoon of olive oil and the drop of food coloring. Mix well until it is as homogeneous as possible, remove it from the heat, let it cool a little and then place it in the jar you have chosen to take the shea butter balm with you. Let it cool for as long as possible, you will see that it solidifies until it has the texture of a balm.

How to protect your lips from the cold 2

Makeup also protects

Using a lipstick or gloss is another option to keep the lips protected against cold and wind, because it acts as a physical barrier that prevents bad weather from affecting the skin of your lips and, thus, while protecting them you can look bright and the color you like the most. In this case you will also be preventing the sun from acting by damaging the skin of the lips, but you will not be contributing anything extra that helps the skin to regenerate or hydrate in depth. It is also important that you avoid long-lasting lipstick, since they will give color to your lips for more hours but they will also dry out the skin much more and you will also end up with the lips badly, as if you had left them exposed to the cold and wind. So, the greasier or creamier the lipstick you use, the more protection you will be offering your lips.

How to protect your lips from the cold 3

Avoid biting your lips

Many times we wet our lips with saliva when we feel them dry or if we are nervous, it is a normal reflex, and although it serves us only at the moment, if we do it too much or if it is cold or windy, we have the lip cuts guaranteed. Therefore, it is better that you always take some lip balm with you and try to avoid biting or moistening your lips with your tongue very often. Now that you know how to combat the inclement weather of winter on your lips, you can enjoy healthy and perfect lips even in bad weather.

How to protect your lips from the cold 1

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