How to plant a lemon tree in a pot
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How to plant a lemon tree in a pot

How to plant a lemon tree in a pot

Do you want to plant a lemon tree and don’t know how to do it? You will have to value the time of year, know how to get the seed to germinate and always cover the care required by the lemon tree. Although there are some aspects of planting and caring for the potted lemon tree that are very simple, others require knowing the details and paying attention to comply well with such steps or care, since, for example, it can be easy for the plant to die if exposed to an inadequate and extreme temperature or if it is water is watered.

To know all this data and discover how to plant a lemon tree in a pot, in a info-grinik we recommend that you continue reading this article in which we explain from how to germinate a lemon seed and when and how to plant a lemon tree in the pot that you choose to the basic aspects of its care so that it develops well and comes to give lemons.

How to germinate a lemon seed

To plant a lemon tree in a pot, you must first get the seed to germinate or you will have to get a small lemon tree plant. If you want to learn how to plant a lemon tree from a lemon, that is, using its seeds directly, follow these simple steps to germinate a lemon seed:

  1. Keep the ripe seeds of those lemons that you are going to use. It is important to sow recently harvested seeds, since the longer it takes, the more difficult it will be to germinate.
  2. Remove the gelous substance they contain by rinsing them in water and ensure that each seed is whole, that is, do not plant those that are broken. By cleaning the seeds you will be able to prevent the appearance of fungi that damage the plant.
  3. Drain the seeds and put them in pots or seedbeds with new and fertilized soil that is a little moist. If the soil contains excess moisture, it will rot the planted seeds.
  4. Fix each of the lemon seeds to a depth of 1.5 cm in the fertilized soil.
  5. Cover the seeds with more soil and put film in the pot or seedbed.
  6. Place the pot with the lemon seeds planted in a location whose temperature is stable, avoiding cold drafts or extreme temperatures.
  7. When you see that it is growing, remove the film or create a hole large enough for the plant to come out but leave part of the plastic to continue generating some more moisture and heat.

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What is the best time to plant a lemon tree?

The lemon tree has an ideal time of year to be planted. This tree needs to perceive heat, but without being exposed to extreme temperatures. Therefore, the best seasons to plant lemon trees in pot are spring and autumn, but preferably spring (in the case of the northern hemisphere it is at the end of March, in April, May or early June).

The best temperature for lemon tree to enjoy good health and grow ranges between 15 ° C and 21 ° C, so in addition to planting it in spring or autumn you must protect it from cold winter temperatures, as well as the highest temperatures in summer. Knowing all these details about germination and the season, we went on to comment on how to plant a lemon tree at home and have it in a pot.

How to plant a lemon tree in a pot step by step

Planting a lemon tree in a pot is not exactly the same as doing it in the soil, although these processes do share some aspects. When the plant that has germinated from the seed that you planted in the seedbed or in the small pot reaches an optimal size, you have to transplant it to the pot in which you want it to develop for much longer. In a info-grinik we teach how to plant a lemon tree in a pot step by step:

  1. Once you get the lemon seed to germinate and the plant is already several centimeters high and several leaves, it’s time to transplant them into a fixed pot. Don’t know what size of a lemon tree needs? At the beginning of growing a lemon tree in a pot you can plant it in small pots, but the moment the roots come out of the holes in the base or you clearly see that it is too large or tall for the pot in which it is, you will have to transplant the lemon tree into a larger pot.
  2. Use universal soil for plants but mix some porous stones to improve drainage and some organic fertilizer.
  3. The pot must contain holes in the base so that the water has outlet and drains correctly, preventing the lemon tree from drowning.
  4. Choose the sprouted seed and remove the paper that covers it carefully.
  5. Place the plant in a hole centered in the soil of the pot so that the plant continues to grow straight and well centered in the pot, preventing the branches from colliding with the edge of it.
  6. Cover the base of the plant with soil until you notice that it is well fixed.
  7. Water the lemon tree plant a little.
  8. Finally, place the pot in an area where it perceives sunlight for at least 5 hours a day, worse than not direct light from the strong midday sun.

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How to take care of a lemon tree in a pot

After discovering how to plant a lemon tree in a pot, in a info-grinik we give you some very important tips to learn about the care of the lemon tree in a pot:

  • Normally, the fruits of lemon trees arise in permeable soils of great drainage and low salinity. Avoid very humid areas since the lemon tree will have much more difficulty bearing fruit. Therefore, if you see that your potted lemon tree does not give lemons even though it is already several years old, check this point, as well as all other aspects of its basic needs and care.
  • This tree requires a lot of contact with sunlight. Take this aspect into consideration to place it in an area of the home with a significant entrance of sun. If you decide to have the lemon tree potted indoors, place it near a window.
  • As has been exposed throughout the article, the ideal temperature of the lemon tree is 15 ° C to 21 ° C.
  • The frequency of irrigation you need is every 2 days in summer and, for the rest of the year, you can increase the time between irrigation and irrigation, since you will need less water.
  • It is necessary to transplant lemon tree to a larger pot every two or three years, renewing the substrate and touching the roots as little as possible so that they do not get damaged.
  • The end of winter is the best stage to prune it, trimming sick and dry branches.
  • Pests such as aphid, cotton cochineal and red spider are its main threats. Potassium soap and neem oil are the best products to apply a preventive treatment to lemon tree.


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