How to make mango snow 6
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How to make mango snow

The mango is a delicious and refreshing tropical fruit perfect to remove the heat. In addition, its organoleptic characteristics (aroma, flavor, and natural sugars) make it the ideal ingredient for any dessert, especially ice cream.

How to make mango snow 6

So if you want to taste a creamy and tasty ice cream, in info-grinik we tell you how to make natural mango snow with all the tricks you need to make the result super creamy. The best? You only need 3 ingredients and you don’t need to use an ice cream machine, so this mango snow recipe is super easy.

As if that were not enough, you can accompany this homemade mango snow in many ways: diced mango, passion fruit sauce, chocolate syrup, wafers, clouds, waffles, jelly beans, etc. We leave this part to your imagination!

3 diners – 1 hour – Low difficulty


You will need:

Steps to follow:


To begin with the preparation of this creamy mango ice cream, wash and dry the mangoes. Immerse them in a solution of water and baking soda, leave them soaking for 1 minute. Then, rub them with a small brush (serve an unused toothbrush). Rinse with plenty of tap water and dry with absorbent paper or a clean towel.

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Chop the mangoes. Peel them first and, step by, cut them rudely on a wooden board.


Place the chopped mangoes in the blender. Crush them until the texture is homogeneous, without any lumps.

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Cool the utensils before assembling the cream. Both the rod and the bowl must be very cold. This way, the whipping cream will be easier to assemble and will look better.

To do this you can leave the utensils in the refrigerator in advance or immerse them in cold water with ice and then dry them.


Pour the very cold cream into a bowl. Choose a high bowl, so it won’t splash you.Assemble the whipping cream. Beat with the rod mixer until rigid peaks form.

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Add the condensed milk slowly while you continue beating at a slower speed. Notice how the cream has lost a little consistency, but not too much.


Add half of the beaten mango and incorporate it into the mixture little by little.Use a silicone spatula or wooden spoon to help you. Integrates the liquefied pulp slowly, making enveloping movements. Do it carefully to prevent the cream of homemade mango ice cream from losing air.


Once integrated, pour the rest of the handle. Continue stirring in the same way until you integrate all the pulp.


Place the preparation in a container and cover it well with film, pressing the paper directly on the ice cream. On top, place another piece of the same paper so that the preparation is isolated. This way, you prevent ice crystals from forming. As for the container for this easy and fast mango ice cream, we recommend that you use a metallic one, since it transmits the cold better (much better if it has a lid).


Put the homemade mango ice cream in the freezer and wait between 4-9 hours before taking it out. Ideally, wait overnight, but a minimum of 4 hours will suffice.


When you go to enjoy your mango snow, take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before consuming it to soften.

Now that you know how to make mango snow, you can easily resort to this dessert whenever you want. This recipe will yield you for between 10-12 servings.

A very popular way to enjoy this dessert is to accompany mango snow with chamoy. The chamoy sauce combines very well with citrus fruits such as mango.


And if you want a mango snow with an extra touch of creaminess, we also want to leave you some tricks to achieve it. If we want to make very creamy mango snow, we need to achieve water crystals so small that our palate cannot feel them. For this reason, below we tell you what are the elements that control the size of the crystals so that you take it into account when preparing this snow or any other.

  • Introduction of air into the mixture. Both industrial and professional machines have a blade system that beats at high speed and introduces small air bubbles into the preparation. All this happens while the product is frozen at low temperatures. If you have a machine, don’t hesitate to use it to get a creamier result.
  • Use sugar or other sweeteners. The combination of water and dissolved sugar delays the freezing process, and the water crystals remain small (it does not freeze until they reach – 0°C). If you want to accentuate this effect, you can replace 1/4 or 1/3 of the common sugar of the recipe with invert sugar or honey. Of course, take into account that honey has a very accentuated flavor.
  • Freezing time. If the ice cream freezes quickly, it does not allow crystals to form and, therefore, it will come out creamier. For this reason, if you have an ice cream machine, don’t leave it for more than 15 minutes in the freezer while you prepare the ice cream base.
  • Polysaccharides. These contain large molecules that help gel certain foods, trapping water. A food with polysaccharides is corn starch, which is ideal for preparing ice cream without egg.
  • If you want to increase the number of proteins in ice cream, you can add powdered milk. This will allow the ice cream to be creamier.
How to make mango snow 1

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