How to make grilled chanterelles

How to make grilled chanterelles

How to make grilled chanterelles

Collecting fresh produce is the best way to enjoy the food that nature provides. The quality is very high and it is appreciated in many aspects, but especially in the taste. In this sense, the chanterelles are an excellent option, since, when cooked well, they allow to prepare very succulent and attractive dishes for any diner.

Preparing some chanterelles on the grill may seem simple and it really is, but keeping the recipe instructions and some tricks clear. It is as important to make a recipe with chanterelles correctly as it is to delve into what they are, since not everyone is clear about it. To discover it and know how to make grilled chanterelles, in addition to the necessary ingredients, at UNCOMO we recommend that you continue reading this recipe for grilled chanterelles with garlic and parsley .

2 diners – 30 minutes – Low difficulty


Steps to follow:

  1. The chanterelles, also known as rebollones or rovellones (by their name in Catalan: rovellons ), are edible mushrooms or mushrooms that belong to the Russulaceae family and grow in both mixed and pine forests. It is a mushroom that is found in many parts of Spain, especially in autumn, and with a highly appreciated gastronomic value. Among the nutrients in chanterelles are flavonoids, polyphenols, fibers, proteins, vitamins B, C, K and D, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. In addition, they barely reach 25 calories per 100 grams .
    Knowing a little better the main ingredient of the straight, we can begin with the preparation of these grilled mushrooms . The first step is to clean the chanterelles so that they are ready when you start cooking them. Not sure how to clean chanterelles ? In oneHOWTO we explain it to you:

    – Remove the hardest part of the stems.
    – Take a damp cloth and, with the help of the edge of a damp knife, clean the rovellones one by one. Eliminate the parts that you see in bad condition.
    – Optionally, you can submerge the chanterelles in water before cooking. If you do this, keep it for a short time because an excess of water damages the quality of the product and may lose its flavor.

  2. Once you have them clean, keep taking notes on how to prepare grilled chanterelles with garlic and parsley . You will have to choose if you want to prepare the chanterelles whole or if you want to make them in smaller parts, in half, in quarters or even smaller pieces, this will depend on your preference and that of your guests.

    If you want the chanterelles chopped , cut them into several pieces according to your preference and, later, chop the parsley and garlic to prepare it before adding everything to the grill.

    How to make grilled chanterelles 1

  3. When you have everything well chopped and chopped, light a fire and place the griddle on which you are going to cook the chanterelles with garlic and parsley . As soon as it warms up, pour in a little olive oil : two or three tablespoons will be enough.

    With the hot oil, add the chanterelles or rebollones whole, split or chopped into the size you have preferred. Try to place them with the hat on the surface of the iron.

  4. Let the chanterelles cook on the grill for 2 minutes . Then add a little salt and the rest of the ingredients, that is, the minced parsley and garlic . Go stirring everything so that the flavors are integrated and everything is well distributed.

    Note: there are those who prefer to put all the ingredients together on a plate before putting the chanterelles on the grill. In a large plate or large bowl, place the chanterelles, the garlic and the chopped parsley and the salt, stir well so that everything is well distributed and then prepare the grill and when the oil is hot, put the chanterelles with the hat on it.

  5. Observe the state of the cap of the chanterelles: when they are already marked on the grill, turn them over and let them cook for 4 more minutes and stir a little . After this time, you will have them ready to serve: turn off the heat and place them.

    If you have followed this recipe step by step, which you can use at any time to find out how to grill chanterelles or to clarify any doubts you may have about the preparation, you will have successfully prepared the chanterelles with garlic and parsley . You can taste them like this to enjoy all the flavor of the product, but you can also integrate them into other preparations. In oneCOMO we give you the following ideas to eat chanterelles:

    • Níscalos with potatoes in green sauce.
    • Níscalos in sauce: including white wine, chilli and pepper to make the sauce.
    • Níscalos with chorizo ​​and ham tacos: it is a hot pot, especially appetizing on cold days, with a lot of flavor and a great nutritional contribution. Keep in mind that it is the option with the highest energy contribution, so it also involves an increase in calories due to the inclusion of ingredients such as chorizo.
    • Chanterelle stew with onion, garlic and potatoes.


    Now that you have learned how to prepare and clean chanterelles on the grill and other ideas to prepare them and some ways to accompany them.If you want to read more articles similar to How to make grilled chanterelles , we recommend that you enter our Recipes category .

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