How to make fried goat cheese 1
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How to make fried goat cheese

The snack time is one of the most desired of the day for many people. Beyond the simple fact of eating and drinking something, either alone or with company, it is a moment of disconnection and rest that the body appreciates to take a break and gain strength. But of course, the question that always arises at this time is: what do I take as an appetizer? Fried goat cheese is a very interesting option.

How to make fried goat cheese 1

If you want to prepare a good appetizer or starter, simple, economical and not without quality, fried goat cheese is a great alternative. Its flavor makes it delicious on the palate of the vast majority of people and it is easy to make having time and the corresponding ingredients. To discover how to make fried goat cheese, know in detail the steps and nutritional benefits of this meal, in a info-grinik we recommend that you continue reading this fried goat cheese recipe that you can make with the typical goat cheese curlers and a few more ingredients.

4 diners 30 minutes Low difficulty


Steps to follow:


Before explaining in depth how to fry cheese without melting and the rest of the secrets of this recipe, it is important that you know what this cheese brings us. Goat cheese is a sensational food for its flavor and nutritional contribution. This dairy food contains calcium, protein, vitamins A, D and K, iron, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. In addition, it contains low fat and cholesterol levels.

Once we have exposed what goat cheese brings us, in a info-grinik we explain step by step this fried cheese recipe so you can make it at any time. First, take out the goat roll or other similar goat cheese that you have stored in the refrigerator so that it is cold and carefully remove the packaging of the product to prevent the cheese from breaking much.


Once you have taken the cheese out of the packaging, cut it into slices with a thickness that is around 2 centimeters. Place each slice cut on the plate to your liking before continuing with the recipe to have them prepared.

Afterwards, put the wheat flour, breadcrumbs and eggs in different dishes to have them at your disposal.

How to make fried goat cheese 2


Pour olive oil into a frying pan and light a heat at medium power. While you wait for it to heat up, pass each slice of goat cheese through the three dishes in which you have the eggs, flour and breadcrumbs.

Once the oil is hot, add the goat cheese to the frying pan after having previously passed it through all the dishes to be able to fry correctly.

How to make fried goat cheese 5


Don’t you know how to fry cheese without it melting completely? In a info-grinik we explain it to you. With the heat at medium power, you have to turn the cheese around when you detect that the base of each slice is already toasted. Then, you must immediately remove it from the frying pan once it is roasted on the opposite side. If you neglect and leave it longer than you should, the cheese will melt and can even burn.


After you have removed the cheese from the frying pan, you will have it fried. Place the fried goat cheese on a plate on absorbent paper, so all the excess oil will be absorbed and prevent it from accumulating too much fat. Let it cool on the plate for a couple of minutes.


If you have a bowl, take it to add the apricot jam. Add a small amount and, to dilute its thick texture, add a little water and mix it. Then, chop some nuts and, along with some grapes, add them to the jam. Another possibility is that you make fried goat cheese with strawberry or red fruit jam or even another option is to prepare fried goat cheese with honey, instead of using the jam.


To make the jam at its ideal point, heat it for a minute or two in the microwave before serving it. Mix all the ingredients well so that they are integrated and the jam is pleasant to taste next to the fried goat cheese.

How to make fried goat cheese 4


To finish with this recipe serve the jam over the slices of fried cheese and you can already taste this simple elaboration along with the rest of the diners.

Don’t you know how to eat fried goat cheese? Don’t worry, in a info-grinik we suggest some ideas: you can make fried goat cheese for salad or turn it into another tapa inside an appetizer with jam or honey.

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