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How to make Christmas ornaments from bottles

How to make Christmas ornaments from bottles 4

If there is something that never fails and is never missing during the Christmas season, it is decoration . Lights, trees, nativity scenes, gifts and presents flood the streets of any city and the rooms of any home. At we love both Christmas and ecological life and we want to propose that this year you decorate your home with recycled elements that achieve the same effect at a much lower cost. If you have bottles on hand, either plastic or glass and you like crafts, in the following article we will explain how to make Christmas decorations with bottles .

Christmas decorations with bottles: tree

If you want to have an original , economical and ecological Christmas tree , we propose a wonderful idea that will not leave anyone indifferent: a tree made of plastic bottles. Doing it is very simple. You will only need green plastic bottles, scissors, patience and skill. Pay attention:

  • Cut the bottle into three parts: base, center, and neck.
  • Take the central piece and with the help of the scissors open it (so that you have a flat piece). Then make small cuts in a row, but always leaving them glued to the top. With this we will create the leaves of the tree.
  • Use the neck of the bottle to make the base of the tree. To make the support greater, insert a stick (a broomstick, for example) into the mouth, like a log.
  • Glue the curtains that you have made with the central part of the bottles, as leaves, around the stick.
  • Ready! You already have your own Christmas tree made with bottles prepared to decorate your home.

How to make Christmas ornaments from bottles 5

Christmas decorations with bottles: flowers

At Christmas the details cannot be missed. If you already have your tree but still don’t know what to put in it, we present a great, simple and inexpensive option. To make your Christmas decorations as a flower you will need: plastic bottles, scissors or cutter, decorative ribbons and nail polish. Take note:

  • Cut out the base of the plastic bottle.
  • Once you have the piece, round the edges, as if they were petals – with the help of scissors – so that nobody is cut with the possible tips of the plastic.
  • Punch a hole right in the center of the piece. You can do it with a needle, so it will be easier for you.
  • Light a candle and place the piece nearby. Be careful not to burn yourself or set the plastic on fire. With the heat you will see that the edges of the flower are wrinkling. This will give you a more authentic effect. Although this step is optional, since you can also cut the petals yourself with the help of scissors.
  • Paint the flower.
  • Pass a decorative ribbon through the hole in the center of the flower, according to the Christmas colors that are going to your tree.

How to make Christmas ornaments from bottles 2

Christmas decorations with bottles: candles

For this option we advise you to use glass bottles . One of the basic spaces in any Christmas celebration is the table; we spend hours and more hours around her sharing anecdotes, laughter and songs, so it is essential to have her well dressed and mounted, since it will be the first thing your guests see and appreciate. If you want to surprise, we propose you this magnificent craft. You will only need glass bottles, paints and long candles .

  • Paint the bottles you have selected. You can make a nice senefa or paint it according to the Christmas decoration of your home. In case the bottle is dark, it may not be necessary to paint it, as it will give a soft and ambient light.
  • To make it easier for you and you can reuse the bottle, cut off its ass. In this way you will use it as a cover.
  • Insert the candle inside. It will be much easier if the bottles are small, since in this way it will not cost you much to get long candles to insert them inside.

Ready! Original Christmas candle holders to adore your table.

How to make Christmas ornaments from bottles 3

Christmas decorations with bottles: other ideas

Plastic is a very grateful material with which you can create multiple Christmas decorations . With a little imagination, skill and patience, you will get to have a very personal, creative, economical and ecological tree. A real pleasure!

  • Cut the bottle necks. Paint them. Put on a ribbon and simulate some beautiful Christmas bells.
  • Cut two bases from plastic bottles and glue them together. Then, wrap them with lace tape or paint them however you like. If you make a hole in it and add a nice ribbon, you will have some great Christmas balls ready to decorate your tree or any other corner of the house.
  • Cut a bottle into three parts and discard the central one. Next, join the neck and base to make a small bottle. Draw a snowman or stick it inside before gluing both parts together. Decorate the bottle with white paint as snow. Ideal to place on any piece of furniture!

How to make Christmas ornaments from bottles 1

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