How to make bread
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How to make bread


Bread is one of the staple foods of our diet. It cannot be missing as a necessary food supplement. And nothing better than a homemade and non-industrial product because it is healthier and much more tasty on the palate. That’s why, from we explain how to make your own homemade bread.

Low difficulty


You will need:

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Steps to follow:


Mix the strength flour and salt in a bottomed bowl.


Mix the yeast in the warm water and dissolve very well.


Pour over the bowl of flour and salt the yeast and water mixture until you get a very fluffy dough.


Choose a flat surface and cover it with flour. Let the dough rest on it and then knead it until maximum elasticity is achieved.


Cover it with a transparent paper film and let it rest until it increases in volume.


Create the figure you want to give to your bread and cover it with a rag. Let it rest until it increases its volume again.


Preheat the oven to 220 degrees. Once the bread has increased in volume, lower the oven to 190 degrees and introduce the bread so that it begins to bake. Remove it once it is golden on the outside and well cooked on the inside.

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How to make breadAdvice
  • Control the amount of ingredients well.
  • Be very aware of the baking and cooking time.

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