How to make baked lobster with garlic and parsley2

How to make baked lobster with garlic and parsley

How to make baked lobster with garlic and parsley1

Fresh seafood is highly valued in many types of gastronomy. The price and quality of this type of food is up to its flavor, as long as it is cooked correctly. In this sense, lobster is one of the most sought-after seafood on the market, so it becomes even more important to make an exquisite recipe.

The lobster can be made in several ways, but one of the best options is to prepare it in the oven with garlic and parsley. Although it seems a very simple elaboration, it requires a series of steps to follow to treat the product well and give it the ideal cooking point. If you want to discover how to make baked lobster with garlic and parsley, in unCOMO we recommend that you continue reading this recipe of baked lobster with garlic and parsley and you will see that following these steps and tips you can make a more elaborate or simpler recipe, since some ingredients are optional depending on whether you want a more complete and heavier dish or if you prefer a simpler and lighter one.

2 diners – 30 minutes – Low difficulty


Steps to follow:

  1. The lobster cooked in the oven is one of the recipes that respect the quality of the product the most and, at the same time, allows to elaborate a variety of dishes because it is possible to add various ingredients and combinations of these. To prepare this recipe for baked lobster with garlic and parsley, first clean the product correctly. To do this, place it on its back and cut it with a knife and then make a cut with scissors between the legs, so that you can finish cutting the back with the knife, since it is very hard. Thus, you will have the lobster in half cut transversely.

    Collect all the juice
    that you release in a bowl for use during cooking, since it provides much of the flavor of the seafood.
  2. Optionally you can take out and put in a bowl the liver (with a pasty texture of greenish beige color), the dough next to it and the roes if it has them, that is, all the organs and parts that are above the meat, everything that is on the back of the lobster.Preheat the oven to a temperature of 200 ° C. While it heats up, bathe these parts of the lobster that you have in a bowl with olive oil, garlic, parsley, salt and breadcrumbs (this is optional). Then put these parts back in place to cook the lobster in the oven.
  3. In another bowl, add the yolk of an egg, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of cream for cooking. Beat the mixture with a fork and add a pinch of salt. In this way, you will have prepared the salsa with which you will accompany the lobster, placing it next to it on the plate.If you don’t want such a heavy baked lobster sauce, you can choose to make a light sauce with olive oil, garlic, parsley and flake salt. You can put this salsa on top of the lobster meat and serve it also separately in case someone wants to add more.
  4. Take the container in which you have made the heavy sauce and pour it into a small pot. If you have opted for the lighter sauce, you can skip this step or you can prepare from the beginning, instead of using one of the other two sauces, a garlic butter and parsley to add it above the lobster meat, but without using cream or breadcrumbs.Leave it aside for a few minutes so that it acquires a thicker texture. When you have reached the desired thickness, add a little butter. To ensure that the butter is well integrated into the sauce, beat again tirelessly until a totally heterogeneous mixture is achieved. It prevents lumps from being generated, since they are unpleasant when tasting the dish and distort the final result of the preparation.
  5. Prepare a baking sheet with a little oil and place the pieces of meat on the lobster, with the shells touching the tray and the meat always facing up. Take advantage of the sauce prepared to cover the product and leave it soaked, thus taking more flavor.
  6. Lower the temperature of the oven between 190 ° C and 180 ° C, put the tray in the oven and respect the cooking time of the lobster: 15 minutes will be enough to make it ready, but you can watch it to ensure that it cooks well or that it does not burn, since each oven has its point and these indications can be more or less accurate according to each oven.Optionally, after the quarter of an hour of baking, remove the tray without turning off the oven, add Parmesan cheese to gratin the preparation and put it back into the oven for 5 more minutes. If you don’t want to add cheese, you can remove the lobster with garlic and parsley from the oven after a quarter of an hour and start plating it.
  7. To finish the recipe, serve the lobster pieces with garlic and parsley fresh from the oven. If the sauce has evaporated or you detect that it is insufficient, bathe the meat of this seafood again with the same sauce prepared during the preparation. Whenever you have doubts about how to make baked lobster with garlic and parsley you can consult this recipe, because it is an excellent way to taste a highly valued seafood whose flavor is even more delicious with this type of preparation.

How to make baked lobster with garlic and parsley2

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