How to make baked leg

How to make baked leg

How to make baked leg

The baked leg is one of the most popular dishes of Christmas and New Year, being essential at the tables of many families during the festivities. Although it has a great cooking time, the result is really delicious, yielding widely for many diners and even for the delicious Christmas leftovers.

More than 2 hours – Low difficulty


Steps to follow:

  1. If you want a juicy and delicious baked leg, it is important that you keep in mind two fundamental aspects:
    – You must marinate the meat for at least 12 hours to get a good flavor.
    – The leg has to be cooked slowly, the calculation is 1 hour per kilo, so it is a recipe that takes time.
  2. To begin with the previous preparation of the baked leg you must mix all the ingredients. It is recommended that the garlic is crushed, although you can also chop them very small.
  3. On a large and deep enough oven tray, place the leg making sure you have previously cleaned the excess fat but without eliminating it completely, because it will give a great flavor to the meat.With a sharp knife, open several holes throughout the leg, in this way you will allow the juice of the mixture to penetrate well into the meat. Add all the macerate in the tray, cover with aluminum foil and take to the refrigerator.
  4. Every 2 or 3 hours it is convenient that you turn the leg and bathe it well with the macerate mixture, so all parts of the meat can absorb the juices. You can let it macerate all night.After the maceration time, turn on the oven to 180 ° C to preheat it. Give a last bath with the mixture to the top of the leg and take it to the covered oven.
  5. The leg should be in the oven for about an hour per kilo, always at a constant temperature of between 170 and 180 ° C. It will be important that every hour you turn the leg and bathe it very well with the macerate liquid, so you will get a juicy result and cooked evenly. Leave it until the last hour of cooking, at this time you can remove the aluminum and allow it to brown on both sides.
  6. Once the estimated time has elapsed, the leg must be ready, you will know it because when you stick a knife it will be soft and tender inside. Otherwise leave it in the oven for a few more minutes.
  7. Let your leg rest in the oven for at least 30 minutes before cutting it. Preserve the left over liquid from the preparation to use as a sauce. You can serve this mixture with a little sliced orange, or strain it, add white wine, bring it to heat and, once it begins to boil, add a tablespoon of cornstarch diluted with water to get a thick sauce.

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