How to make an original team building for companies 1
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How to make an original team building for companies

How to make an original team building for companies 2

Team bulding has become one of the best tools to team up within companies. The idea is to offer employees the possibility of carrying out an activity outside the workplace, which allows them to enjoy playful entertainment while generating a cohesion of the group. Currently there are many successful activities, such as the escape rooms for companies in Barcelona, a game that is causing a sensation and that, in some cases, such as Mystery Escape, can organize the escape room in the company itself. Next, in a info-grinik we talk about how to make an original team building for companies. If you are in Barcelona, discover all its possibilities and the activity you will enjoy the most: the escape rooms.

What is a team bulding?

The objective of a team bulding is none other than to team up. To do this, many companies use tools such as recreational or sports activities outside working hours, which allow team members to improve their communication, compete in a healthy way to improve their performance, motivate them and integrate newcomers.

The cohesion of a work team is fundamental to achieve success, so team bulding is an original resource and has a good return on investment in terms of motivation and efficiency.

How to make an original team building for companies 1

How to organize an original team bulding

For a team bulding to be successful, you must pay attention to its organization. It is the most important part and, although it seems that anything goes, employees will feel more motivated if a particular activity is carried out, rather than simply doing an afterwork together.

The most important thing when organizing a team bulding is to set a date and select the activity that allows you to achieve the objectives of team bulding: motivate, improve communication, increase participation and integrate newcomers. All this must end up translating into a shot of energy that allows employees to work effectively and efficiently.

If you are looking for participation, healthy competition, fun and cohesion of your staff, there is no better plan than doing an activity that allows interaction and teamwork. We are talking about escape rooms, an option increasingly demanded by companies in Barcelona and the rest of the world. Thanks to these games, you can increase enthusiasm, stimulate the energy of your team and motivation, while developing team spirit, cooperation and healthy competition, which will allow you to improve corporate objectives in an original, innovative and very fun way.

Events for companies

There are many activities to carry out a team building, but the escape rooms for companies have become one of the most demanded. The advantages of playing this game with team members are varied, since escape room games are designed to complement the game experience with other services, such as professional coaching, that allow to achieve the objectives of team building or other corporate activities, such as work meetings in an original environment.

Team building activities for the workplace

Mystery Escape is a company that proposes a fun and exciting option to make an original team building in Barcelona. In their facilities they have 3 identical rooms in which up to 21 people can compete to leave the rooms at a time and up to 42 people if the game is played in two consecutive batches. But if you want to make it more exciting and corporate, you have the possibility of selecting the exportable modality, with which you can perform the escape room in your own company or at any other selected point, so that all players can participate at once. You can create your own style of play, adapting the history and activity to the objectives of the company, its values and philosophy.

The escape room is a complete activity that lasts an hour and a half in its entirety. The game will take place in 1 hour while the previous 15 minutes will serve to carry out an initial introduction to the game and the remaining 15 minutes to share the experience among the players. Of course, this duration is in the place. In the case of exportable games, the duration can be adapted according to the need.

Mystery Escape, team building and cohesion

Mystery Escape’s escape room for companies is designed to complete corporate events, with the aim of creating an atmosphere of participation and enjoyment while encouraging personal and collective development, enhancing cooperative work and transversal communication. Therefore, this activity has become one of the best methods to measure confidence within the team, as well as other potential aspects, such as time management.

If you are looking to make a different team building and make your team event fun and motivating, the escape room for companies is one of the best options. Many companies rely on this format to carry out corporate team activities that contribute to motivating workers and improving company objectives.

This activity can be completed with a catering service, a subsequent cocktail or a professional coaching session, perfect ingredients that add value to the activity.

How to make an original team building for companies 3

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