How to make an egg omelette 1
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How to make an egg omelette

How to make an egg omelette 1

The omelette or French omelette is one of the most popular recipes in France, a delicious option to enjoy at breakfast or, if you prefer, also at dinner. Although it is usually made with cheese, turkey, ham or vegetables, there is also the possibility of eating it alone, which is known as egg omelette. If you are encouraged to make this recipe but do not know where to start, at we explain how to make a delicious egg omelette.

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Steps to follow:


To make a delicious egg omelette it is important to have a good nonstick frying pan, only then will you get it not to stick and make it delicious. Also remember that you can make this completely round French omelette or fold it in half.


Place a splash of oil in the frying pan and bring it over medium heat. Meanwhile add the eggs to a bowl, add two tablespoons of milk for a more fluffy result, season to taste and stir until you get a perfectly homogeneous mixture. If you want the egg omelette to stay soft, it is important that you do not stir too much, because the more you do it, the more consistent it will be.

How to make an egg omelette 2


Once the oil is hot add the egg to the frying pan. It will begin to cook, when the edges are lightly cooked, lift the omelette on one side with a spatula allowing the egg that is still liquid to go to the edges and cook. Turn around when it’s almost ready.

How to make an egg omelette 3


If you like the soft and not too cooked omelette you can leave it on the fire for another minute and then fold it in half and remove it. If, on the other hand, you prefer it well cooked, then let it be done to the point you want. When it is to your liking remove from the frying pan with the help of a spatula or with a plate.


Serve your egg omelette accompanied by bread, ham, turkey or cheese. A delicious breakfast!


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