How to make a cornstarch hair mask 3

How to make a cornstarch hair mask

Cornstarch, is a very fine flour with multiple culinary applications that, in addition, has many benefits when used as an ingredient in hair care treatments. Did you know that by making a simple cornstarch mask you can get a brighter, hydrated and even smoother mane?

If you want to learn how to moisturize and take care of your mane in a natural and effective way, do not miss the following article of info-grinik, because we explain how to make a cornstarch mask for hair step by step and how to take advantage of all the properties of this product. Take note!

Benefits of cornstarch for hair

If you wonder what Cornstarch is for in your hair (or any other cornstarch), first you should keep in mind that it can be used mixed with water or with other ingredients to enhance its effect, always depending on the reason why you use this remedy. Do you want to know exactly how Cornstarch works and what it’s for in your hair? Take note, because we talk about how to benefit from the fiber, minerals (such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, magnesium …) and antioxidants (vitamin A, vitamins of group B, C and E) of this fine flour.

Hydrates from the inside

It must be clear that cornstarch, by itself, does not moisturize the hair. However, its floury texture is ideal so that, combined with some liquid products, it creates a light and easy-to-apply paste capable of sealing the hair cuticles, thus managing to protect the hair fiber from external aggressions and contributing to maintaining its natural hydration. In this case, one of the best options is to mix Corn with virgin olive oil, coconut oil or argan oil, since all of them include in their composition vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for the hair.

Straighten the hair

Does Cornstarch work to straighten hair? If so, how is Cornstarch prepared to straighten hair? The first thing you should know is that cornstarch has no magical properties to straighten hair, especially if it is frizzy hair. However, due to the combination of nutrients and elements mentioned above, Corn does offer us fantastic properties to control frizz and bring softness to our mane, something essential to smooth it more easily.

Cornstarch helps control the most rebellious hair so that it combs much more easily and needs less heat to be completely smooth. So, if you wonder how to straighten your hair with cornstarch, you should know that mixed with natural anti-frizz products can help you look much smoother hair. Later we will teach you how to straighten your hair with Cornstarch and coconut oil so you can make this mask comfortably from home, however.

Softer and silkier hair

As we have already seen, cornstarch is ideal for controlling the most rebellious hair, but how does it help your hair to be softer and silkier? Corn helps repair the dry fibers and split ends of your mane, because starch not only manages to maintain the natural hydration of the hair, but also helps absorb and keep under control the excess fat in the scalp, thus achieving healthier hair.

Fight frizz

Does the Cornstarch work for frizz hair? Is it really an effective remedy? We have already seen that cornstarch has ideal components to end dryness in the scalp, a problem that often makes your mane look out of control and damaged. As a result, using hair masks with cornstarch is a simple and effective solution to contribute to straighter hair and free of frizz.

How to make a cornstarch hair mask

Deep repair of the hair fibers and keeping frizz under control is easy with a basic corn mask to which you can always add some extra ingredient that helps you achieve your goals. As essential elements you will need 3 tablespoons of Corn and a glass and a half of water:

  1. Pour the water into a saucepan and incorporate the cornstarch little by little, while stirring with a fork so that it begins to dissolve well.
  2. Then put the saucepan over very low heat and continue stirring.
  3. Mix for a few minutes until the mixture acquires a texture similar to that of a gel.
  4. Remove from the heat and stir well one last time. Wait for it to cool completely before applying it to your hair.

Now, if in addition to moisturizing and nourishing your mane you wonder how to straighten your hair with cornstarch and coconut oil, you will only have to incorporate this ingredient into the mixture that we have just shown you. Heat in the microwave itself 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and, just when you remove the cornstarch saucepan and water from the heat, add the oil and stir so that it integrates perfectly.

To finish making a perfect preparation, we advise you to add 3 tablespoons of honey to the mixture of cornstarch, water and coconut oil, since this product is one of the best natural allies for hair.

How to apply the cornstarch mask to the hair

One of the advantages of the Corn Mask is that it is suitable for all types of hair, whether it is straight, wavy, curly or even Afro. Unless you suffer from a hair problem (such as dermatitis on the scalp, a condition that you should consult with your dermatologist), we advise you to apply this mask every fortnight or so. If you are looking for a cornstarch treatment for battered or very dry hair, you can use this remedy once a week.

  1. After making it, check that your cornstarch mask is completely cold (at room temperature).
  2. Wash your hair as you normally do and remove excess water by drying it superficially with a towel. Don’t rub your hair when drying it, because you could weaken it and make it break much easier. Use, if possible, a microfiber towel and dry very carefully.
  3. The ideal is to apply the mask to clean and damp hair, but first we advise you to comb your hair and separate your hair into some strands to facilitate the application of the mask.
  4. With the help of a dyeing brush (or with your own fingers if it’s easier for you), spread the cornstarch mixture throughout the hair, starting with the roots and heading towards the tips.
  5. It affects the most punished areas of your mane, usually medium and tips. Check that you have distributed the mask evenly throughout your hair.
  6. To obtain the desired effectiveness, you must keep it in your hair for at least 30-40 minutes and, if possible, cover your hair with a shower cap during this time.
  7. After the indicated time, remove most of the mask with the help of a comb and then rinse with plenty of warm water until you make sure there are no traces of mask.
  8. Dry carefully once again and, if possible, dispense with the dryer.

You will already have your mask with cornstarch for hair, an effective and easy to perform natural remedy to look more hydrated, nourished and smooth hair.

How to make a cornstarch hair mask 3

Can you save the corn mask?

From a info-grinik we advise you to always avoid storing homemade masks. Keep in mind that the natural remedies we make at home not only have ingredients that can lose their properties over the days, but the lack of preservatives can make them a danger to our hair or our skin.

Antioxidant ingredients, for example, can end up being pro-oxidants without good conservation, which could end up harming us. Therefore, we recommend you always respect the measures offered by the different remedies and not make large amounts of mask to preserve. Don’t take a risk and always do the right amount you’re going to use.

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