How to make a comprehensive reform at home 2
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How to make a comprehensive reform at home

How to make a comprehensive reform at home 3

If you have set out a comprehensive reform at home and have never embarked on any, you probably don’t know very well where to start. Before making any decision in a hasty way, pay attention to the following article of a info-grinik and you will find all those necessary tips to be able to evaluate from the budget, to the company to which you will entrust the reform or the materials you want to use.

If you want the result to be a success, discover here how to make a comprehensive reform at home. Plan, compare and bet on the best professionals to reform your home.

Know your needs

Before starting a comprehensive reform, you must know what you want to reform the house. Generally, integral reforms can be of the floor or the entire house or, usually based on entire bathrooms and kitchens because they are already outdated or, because the facilities are deficient and need renovation.

But what really is the need for your home? Before you start, make a list to know what needs to be changed. Tip: it is better to think first about your needs and then about the extras of the house, such as changes of electrical installations, among others.

Calculate the budget

Probably, when listing your needs regarding the changes you want to make to your home, you will realize the amount of spaces you want to reform. Therefore, before you start looking for the right comprehensive reform company, use a free reform calculator that allows you to get an idea of the cost of your reform. In this way, you will be able to assess your own budget and if necessary make any changes in your list of priorities and needs.

Find the right company

Once you are clear about how much you want to spend and what you want to reform, it is time to look for the team of professionals who will carry it out. Do a search and contact various professionals and comprehensive reform companies to obtain various budgets and compare services.

Compare budgets and choose the company

Once you have clear needs and take into account the total price of the reform, it will be time to compare budgets. Only in this way can you opt for one team or another of professionals. In addition to money, you will have to pay attention to other requirements: such as the way of working, the services provided, the guarantees or the professionalism of the team. Always bet on that company that gives you good feelings and with which you feel comfort and confidence, because it will be a guarantee of a good result.

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Choose the finishes

Once you have chosen the reform company with which you are going to work, it is time to study the project and finish choosing qualities and finishes: types of floor, wall color, materials, furniture, faucets, appliances … All this adds up and you must be aware that the final price of the reform can vary. If there are architects or decorators in the team of professionals, they can advise you on the best materials, always adjusting to the previously set budget.

Ask for a catalog or the reference of other reforms in which you can appreciate the quality of the finishes, the trends in decoration, as well as the flooring, parquet and coatings that you can opt for. The more detailed the information, the more satisfied you will be with the result.

Make a work contract

We have the budget, the rooms that must be reformed, the finishes chosen and the company that will carry out the integral reform. Everything is ready to start! But first, we recommend that you sign a work contract, so that everything that may cause misunderstandings or discussions during or after the work is written. While not all reform teams carry out this contract, it is a good way to cure you in health.

Ask for the relevant work permits

Before starting the reform of your house, you must obtain the relevant building permits. Many people, out of ignorance, are very afraid of this moment, but the procedures are really simpler than they seem. If the works are done on your own, you must manage it through your City Council. In case you have a professional team, make sure that the team will be the one who processes such licenses. Work permits will be the guarantee that you are authorized to carry out works in your home, which will minimize complaints from neighbors or the community.

How to make a comprehensive reform at home 2

Be honest with the proposal

Before starting the work, you must detail what you like and what you don’t like about the project presented, only then can you get the desired result. Indicates the changes that must be made before it is irremediable. However, you must keep in mind that sudden changes can have economic or technical consequences that you will have to assume. Be patient and plan the comprehensive reform project properly, to avoid unforeseen events being the norm instead of the exception. Trust professionals throughout the reform process, it will be the best way to find a solution to any type of issue.

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