How to know if a piercing is infected 1

How to know if a piercing is infected

The fashion of piercing is the order of the day, and this business has been increasing in recent years. Today it is difficult to find any teenager who does not wear a piercing on his body. But are they really informed of the risks and infections that these can entail? In this article of unComo we tell you how to know if a piercing is infected.

How to know if a piercing is infected 1

Steps to follow:


The first question you should ask yourself is did I do it myself or in a store?

Self-made piercings are more prone to infections because the right conditions and the right tools for drilling are not available. We recommend that you always turn to a specialist to avoid that the piercing can become infected.


If you have just left the store it is very complicated that the piercing is infected. The infection is usually noticed within a week of having done so.

There are a number of areas of the body that are more prone to infections such as ear, genitals or lip. In these areas you should be more aware and thus avoid possible infections.


Once the piercing is done it is normal for the skin to be a little pink, but if the redness has not disappeared or has not turned a darker color after a few days, it is possible that if you have it infected.

Also observe if there is any type of inflammation, since it would be another factor that would indicate that we have an infection.

How to know if a piercing is infected 2


The clearest sign that your piercing is infected will be when you see if you have pus in the hole.

There are 2 types of pus:

  • White pus: minor infection, we will continue with the usual cleaning process.
  • Yellow or green pus: it means that we have a more serious infection.

If the liquid that appears to you is transparent, it is very possible that it is lymph, this means that it is healed and that you must continue with the usual care.


It is important to know the degree of pain in the area. Touch the area a few days after having done it, since it would be normal for a few days to have some pain and itching in the area. If after a week it hurts when you touch it, it is very possible that you will have an infection.


Another common symptom of infection of a piercing is to notice heat when touching the area. So if you feel the perforated area warm, you must pay special attention.


WARNING! If you get a fever and you also have chills and nausea, it’s a clear sign that you have problems. This means that you have an infection in your piercing or, worse, in your system. In this case, consult your family doctor.

How to know if a piercing is infected 3


And finally, you must treat the piercing infection. To do this, you will have to extreme hygiene in the infected area, washing it with water and a neutral soap; also, some antibiotic ointments can help you eliminate the infection. Therefore, we recommend that you go to your driller as soon as possible and that he gives you the instructions that you must follow in this case.

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