How to have a fast fever 2
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How to have a fast fever

How to have a fast fever 2

Fever is a symptom that manifests itself when the normal temperature of the body, which normally ranges between 36.5 and 37.5℃, exceeds these parameters generating chills, generalized discomfort and other evils such as headache or muscle ailments. If on any occasion, for whatever reason, you have tried to raise your body temperature or you have wanted to fake a feverish picture to skip a complicated day or avoid an uncomfortable situation and you have not succeeded, pay attention to the following lines of this article from info-grinik in which we give you some effective tricks to have a fast fever.

Steps to follow:


First of all, if what you want in addition to having a fast fever is to cause your body temperature to rise so you can pretend before another person, it is best to place a cloth under the hot water tap and put it in a hurry on your forehead for a few seconds. This way, the skin will warm up and if someone rests his hand on your forehead to check your temperature, he will see that you give off heat and that you are slightly red.

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Also, practices such as putting on many layers of clothes, sheltering yourself with all kinds of thermal or lining garments, taking very hot meals and liquids, whether broths, infusions, broths, creams, stews, etc., will also help increase the temperature of the body at that precise moment and, therefore, it will be much easier to get a fast fever. It has been shown that foods rich in vitamin B are the ones that raise body temperature the most, so you can also take advantage of them and incorporate them into your diet.

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The thermometer is the tool we usually use to know what average temperature the body is at with total reliability. And if on occasion, you have wondered what you can do to raise the temperature of the thermometer and present a fast fever, take note of the following tricks:

  • An easy way to make the thermometer dial a few degrees more is to rub the tip of it with your fingers as fast as possible. This way, it will heat up quickly and reach the temperature you want. In addition to the fingers, this technique can also be done by rubbing the tip of the thermometer with some type of fabric.
  • If you have a heat source nearby, nothing more effective than bringing the thermometer closer to it for a second. You will have to watch that the temperature does not skyrocket and reaches very high figures, since then it will be unbelievable and the method will not help you.
  • And the classic trick to raise the temperature of the thermometer immediately, is to take advantage of the heat generated by a bulb. Bring the thermometer closer to the light bulb and wait a few seconds until it reaches a temperature of approximately 38℃ or 39℃.
  • In the event that your thermometer is mercury, then you can also raise the temperature by wetting it with very hot water. Place it under the tap for a few seconds until it reaches the temperature you want it to set.


The fever manifests itself through some symptoms such as chills, feeling cold, headaches, muscle discomfort and generalized discomfort. So you should also keep this in mind if, in addition to increasing your body temperature, you want it to look like you suffer from a real feverish condition. Here are what kind of symptoms you can fake to simulate that you are sick and that you are feeling bad:

  • Put on a face of tiredness and discomfort.
  • Moisten your face or back skin with some hot water to make it look like you’re sweating.
  • Say that you are cold and simulate chills.
  • Say that you have headaches or belly pains, go to the bathroom and it takes a long time to get out.

Keep in mind, in addition, that if you start presenting the discomfort or complaining much earlier, the situation will be much more credible and you can pretend that you are sick perfectly without any setbacks that dismantle what you had planned.

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