How to find ski offers 3

How to find ski offers

The ski pass, the stay, the rental of the equipment, invest in a monitor… Going to the snow, on many occasions, can come out for a high price. However, there are certain tricks that will help you reduce the cost and be able to enjoy the ski season at a more affordable price. Do you want to know how?

How to find ski offers 1

Below, in this article from info-grinik, we give you the keys so that you know how to find ski offers adapted to your needs. The most basic key is to trust reliable online search engines that will offer you much cheaper complete packages. From now on, don’t miss the ski season for not having found a variety of ski offers in time.

Selected dates

The first step to find good ski deals is to think about the dates on which you will make your getaway. Whenever you can, try to go skiing during the week, since, although many ski resorts do not advertise it, ski pass prices on weekdays are usually cheaper, especially in small resorts. So, if you want to find a good offer, bet on going during the week, avoiding bridges and festivities or white weeks, because the price will increase.

If you have total availability to make the trip, the options of finding a good offer will increase. In addition, the more days you go, the more profitable the ski offer will be.

Preseason promotions

If you are already clear about the dates on which you want to go skiing, we recommend you anticipate your search. In autumn, great offers, promotions and opportunities usually arrive to organize a ski getaway in time. Many seasons, during the autumn months, begin to market their seasonal passes, some of them well known as Grandvalira, Sierra Nevada or Aramón, among others.

During the preseason you can access great discounts such as saving 30% of the price of the seasonal ski pass. Also the seasons during the month of October allow you to obtain ski passes by days at a lower price, with numerous options: working days, single days, days in a row…

Also, pay attention to the fairs and events that take place during the preseason of skiing in numerous towns near ski resorts or sports events related to snow, because there you can find great deals, both on snow stays and trips, as well as in ski equipment.

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Ski passes

As we have commented, ski passes are one of the most expensive aspects when it comes to skiing. Therefore, many resorts offer hourly ski passes that will allow you to enjoy the snow à la carte and with the possibility of skiing in the hours when there are fewer people. On the other hand, many packs include ski passes in the offer, which is a way to save a little more on your getaway. Search and compare!

Choose cheap stations

If you want to find a good ski offer, try looking for cheaper ski resorts. Stop and think: what do you really need? Is a 150-kilometer track station profitable for you or is it worth a 20-kilometer station? If you really just want to ski for a few hours or you don’t care how big the resort is because you are a beginner, you can find better deals in small resorts.

All inclusive

Although a priori the investment is higher, all-inclusive offers are usually the perfect option to have a price for your ski vacation that includes from the stay, to the pass or ski pass and even diets. This regime offers great possibilities to find an adequate offer. Search in advance on specialized websites or travel agencies.

How to find ski offers 3

Buy ski offers online

Without a doubt, there are multiple websites and online price comparisons that are the most effective solution to find offers in any sector. In the case of skiing, it was not going to be less, so we invite you to search, compare and buy through the Internet. You will be able to access numerous offers of ski passes and also ski packages, as well as equipment rental or even in the search for accommodation.

Of course, to find a good offer, you must be patient and study all the options well, so that they come out much more profitable. Among the most outstanding offers are those that combine hotel and ski pass, since they are the ones that will be much cheaper for you. Search by dates, filter by ski resort and discover the numerous options: 5 nights + 4-day ski pass in Formigal? You can find it from €190 per person. 7 nights + 6-day ski pass in Grandvalira? You can access this pack from €315. In the variety is the taste!

If you have some days off this winter and have been waiting for the winter season for a year to put on your skis, look for the best ski offers on the available dates to be able to enjoy a few days of skiing without giving up anything.

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