How to exfoliate the body
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How to exfoliate the body

How to exfoliate the body
Exfoliation is the best way to eliminate dead cells that accumulate in our skin, making the dermis much softer and brighter. It is a perfect procedure for all skin types as long as it is done the right way and using the right products. Are you ready for a homemade exfoliation but don’t know where to start? In we explain how to exfoliate the body and get the most out of this procedure.

Steps to follow:


To begin with, you must choose an exfoliating product for the body. The difference with facial exfoliants lies in the thickness of the pimple, those that are for the face have a much finer grain due to the delicateness of the skin, while body scrubs are thicker grain.


To exfoliate the body, first take a good bath and, with damp skin, start applying the exfoliant. If your skin is wet, it will spread easily, gently and without causing you harm.


To exfoliate your body properly you must make gentle circular movements upwards to, in addition to eliminating dead cells, stimulate circulation. It is important that you do not apply too much pressure, the product alone will manage to eliminate dead cells without having to scrub hard.


It is recommended to avoid exfoliating the most delicate areas of our body, such as the neckline or breasts. For these areas you can apply exfoliant to the face since its pimple is much more delicate and adequate.


You should never exaggerate with exfoliation, because even if the result is pleasant to exfoliate excessively could irritate your skin and cause damage, do it only once a week.

If you have had a peel, suffered sunburn or have some type of dermatitis, it is not advisable to exfoliate until your skin improves its condition.


Once you have finished exfoliating gently massaging your skin, you can remove the product since it is not necessary to leave it on for a few minutes unless it is a mask.


Don’t forget that after exfoliating your body it’s the ideal time to apply the moisturizing creams that you usually use. You will see how your dermis absorbs them much faster, benefiting from all their nutrients effectively.

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