How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas - the best ideas 4
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How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas – the best ideas

How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas - the best ideas 1

At the Christmas season, we usually spend more time at home celebrating the festivities with our family and friends, and that is why we want to have a more welcoming and pleasant home. Although we dedicate part of our time to setting many of the rooms, there are always some that remain undecorated, such as the bathroom or toilet. But if this time you don’t want this to happen, pay attention to this article from a info-grinik, because we give you incredible ideas to know how to decorate the bathroom at Christmas and turn it into a space that also leaves the guests really surprised.

Toilets with an original Christmas decoration

There are many Christmas decorations that you can use to give a very special touch to your bathroom these dates, but this is one of the most original and creative. Pay attention! It is about decorating the toilet bowl creating Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, etc. As you see in the image, the result is spectacular and will surprise all your guests, especially the little ones.

You can get these designs yourself at home, with some fabric, felt and other materials, or buy them already made and ready to place. You can also complete this decoration by placing a mat on the floor with a design that matches the chosen Christmas character, for example, you can capture Santa Claus’ face on the toilet lid and put on the floor a mat that simulates his traditional red suit.

How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas - the best ideas 2

Towels for Christmas

In addition to mats, another great option to decorate the bathroom at Christmas is to reflect the Christmas spirit and aesthetics in textiles such as towels. Encourage yourself to change your usual towels for ones that have a Christmas design perfectly adapted to the occasion. In case you don’t have much time to look for them, you can also place plain towels in colors typical of these dates, such as red, green, white or gold.

How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas - the best ideas 3

Christmas bathroom accessories

In the bathroom there are many accessories and accessories that we can also decorate at Christmas or even find different models on the market exclusively designed for this time. The hand soap dispenser, the pot where we store the toothbrushes, the toilet paper holder, the soap dishes …, all of them are elements that can serve to give a super Christmas touch to your bathroom.

How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas - the best ideas 4

A Christmas touch on the shower screen

If your bathroom has a simple and minimalist design and you don’t want to break with this aesthetic at Christmas, the following idea to decorate the bathroom at Christmas may be ideal for you. It will be enough to capture some beautiful snowflakes on the shower screen to evoke the winter and Christmas season in the bathroom. To do this, you only have to buy some templates and a white spray or, if you prefer, opt for snowflake adhesives and place them according to your tastes.

Elegant bathroom at Christmas

Are elegant and sober spaces your thing? If so, the bathroom can also look more sophisticated at Christmas. You won’t need many details or ornaments, you can choose a set of curtain, mat, towels and accessories in Christmas colors or shades such as white, red, green and gold to create the atmosphere you were looking for. Also place some ornaments such as Christmas balls in bright red to give a more striking and colorful touch to the room.

How to decorate the bathroom at Christmas - the best ideas 5

Christmas trees in the bathroom

Without a doubt, the main ornament is the Christmas tree, so in addition to putting together a very large one in the living room or dining room, you can also make it present in the bathroom. How? In this case, we propose you to place small Christmas trees on a shelf in the bathroom or in some corner where it does not bother. You will have to choose artificial models so that they do not suffer from moisture.

Christmas candles to decorate the bathroom

Candles are decorative elements that bring a lot of warmth to the home during Christmas, in addition to making the spaces more cozy at this time of the year so familiar. And another of our proposals to decorate the bathroom at Christmas is to take advantage of the beauty of these ornaments and assemble beautiful centers with a few candles, a little mistletoe and some red berries.

Christmas shower curtains

It is also a good idea to change the bathroom curtain for a special design for Christmas.

And if you can’t find any drawing that has to do with this holiday, choose one that has a fun design to give a different touch to your bathroom.


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