How to decorate a fireplace at Christmas - ideas and tips
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How to decorate a fireplace at Christmas – ideas and tips

How to decorate a fireplace at Christmas - ideas and tips

No matter how much heating and stoves there are in the home, few things bring as much warmth and are as cozy as the fireplace. In fact, more than one would like to have a fireplace at home during the autumn and winter months, among other things, to be able to decorate it at Christmas.

But don’t think that the decoration of this type of corner of the home should consist of the placement of the typical Christmas socks. Actually, you have a lot of options to make the fireplace become the center of your home during these very important dates. If you want to know how to decorate a fireplace at Christmas, keep reading this article from info-grinik and find some interesting ideas.

How to decorate the fireplace at Christmas with pineapples and other natural ornaments

Those who prefer to give their home a touch of nature during Christmas, can opt for the classic pine and pine twigs, which can be combined with candles. Of course, a Christmas wreath above the mantelpiece will also be ideal. In addition, pots with plants interspersed with some Christmas ornaments or other decorative elements, such as family photographs, will also look great on your fireplace.


Traditional decoration for the fireplace at Christmas

If you are one of those who retains the tradition of placing a nativity scene in your house, a great idea is to have the nativity scene put on the mantelpiece, where the creative and endearing figurines of the manger will take on all the importance they deserve. And, if the Christmas decoration is aimed at the youngest of the house, it is a good idea to place rag dolls, for example from reindeer or the three Magi, and, of course, the typical red socks where Santa Claus will deposit all the gifts are also an excellent and traditional option.

How to decorate a fireplace at Christmas - ideas and tips 2

Christmas mirrors and lights in the fireplace

One object that will look great above your fireplace is the mirror, which will reflect the Christmas lights that you can place around the fireplace. In this way, you will be able to create an attractive Christmas decoration and give a warmer touch to the stay.

Be sure to place the lights so that they cover the shelf, but that they are securely fixed to avoid incidents if you use the fireplace. In addition, the mirror can have Christmas touches or you can add them to it yourself.

How to decorate a fireplace at Christmas - ideas and tips 3

Christmas elements to place around the fireplace

Finally, place near the fireplace decorative elements such as Christmas dolls or the Christmas tree and other objects that invite rest and family relaxation, such as armchairs, carpets or Christmas or winter-related cushions. Although you must always try to keep the safety distance if you are going to use the fireplace and thus avoid any type of incident.


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