How to cut your hair with gradient or fade effect 1

How to cut your hair with gradient or fade effect

How to cut your hair with gradient or fade effect 1

Have you dared to cut your hair? The heat begins to be felt in the environment and in the body. Temperatures rise and the hairdresser still does not open the beach bar. Sometimes in desperate situations you have to look for desperate measures, and cutting your hair seems to be one of them. Have you already signed up for the fashion of shaved hair? Many people chose to shave their mane to go comfortable around the house. Others rejected the idea, but begin to give up.

Shaving your hair doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. With the average of 20 degrees each day, starting to look like Shrimp of the Island is not entirely recommended. But don’t be afraid, today we are going to see how to cut your hair at home and not die in the attempt. The following guidelines are to get a haircut with a gradient effect, for those who want to keep their mane on the crown, in the purest Peaky Blinders style.

First of all we must make sure that we have a good razor to cut the hair. The best allow you to play much better with hair extensions, with the option of making more professional cuts or gradient effects or fade. If we use a lower quality hair clipper it may get stuck during the cut or we may have to be continuously removing hair.

Next, in a info-grinik, we explain how to cut your hair with a degraded effect fade. With this short guide you will be sure and get the desired effect. So, take a suitable hair clipper and a mirror and follow these instructions.

Comb all your hair and start cutting

Once we have a good tool to work with, we begin the operation. The hair should be well combed down, it is not necessary to wet it. We will choose a more or less long extension in the head (between 4 and 6), this will allow margin of error in case of error or the dreaded shear.

We begin to pass the razor all over the head except for the crown, from bottom to top. In each pass we make a small C-shaped movement (curving outwards at the end of the route), this will help avoid very drastic cuts and unwanted marks.

The gradient begins

Once we have all this part cut out, the most difficult begins. With a shorter blade length, approximately one, we are going to cut the lower part. We will go from the sideburns, passing over the ear no more than one centimeter, to the back. It is advisable to first cut the sides from the front, equalize it and then join it from behind. This prevents the line from getting out of hand. From that cut, we cut to the back of the neck. If we want a shaving more than zero from the lowest part, we can even remove the head or if the machine allows us to put the 0.5. We will pass the razor with that movement in C, to facilitate the gradient.

From here to the top, lengths will continue to be increased very little by little. First it will be moved to 2 or if possible, to 1.5 in a section not exceeding one centimeter, always with C-shaped passes, so that there are no cuts. The same thing is repeated two or three times, increasing the length of the head a little more and more.

The final icing on the cake

For the crown it will depend on the length we want. If the hair has a considerable extension, you can’t use the hair clipper, but scissors. It begins to cut from the forehead to back, combing backwards and helping each other with the fingers as a guide. Cutting the tips a little would be enough.

If the hair has an extension of less than two centimeters, we can pass the razor to trim the tips. Here it will also depend on the type of hair. If it is very hard and rigid, the razor will cut better; if it is very silky and thin, it may be more difficult and the scissors could be better.

In any case, if you don’t want to shave your hair and dare with this degraded effect, the ideal is not to risk too much. By cutting the tips a little and following the shaving guidelines well from the bottom, you can get the desired effect. Who knows if from now on you don’t visit your hairdresser again.

How to cut your hair with gradient or fade effect 2


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