How to clean the house of bad energies with sea salt 1
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How to clean the house of bad energies with sea salt

How to clean the house of bad energies with sea salt 1

In esotericism, there is a concept that is very important and that, many times, is the key to everything. It is energy, which in turn is divided into good or positive energies and bad or negative energies. Both can be noticed at home. Normally, esoteric people or who believe in esotericism usually do not worry about good energies because, evidently and as the name suggests, they are beneficial. However, bad energies do worry more.

If you notice them in your house and want to finish them off, there are several ways to eliminate them so that you have the home free of bad energies. From a info-grinik, we explain how to clean the house of bad energies with sea salt. And why with salt? The key is that it is the best product and the most effective to eliminate them quickly. But it still has many more secrets.

Why sea salt cleanses the house of bad energies

In esotericism, sea salt has traditionally and since been used to clean up the bad energies of both people and sites. The reason is none other than sea salt is a good conductor of energy, which allows attracting good vibrations, apart from favoring the exit of bad energies.

That is why sea salt is widely used in energy cleaning rituals, where it is usually mixed with other products just as purifiers. However, although its mere presence in the home is already beneficial, it is very important to know how to use it properly to clean the house of bad energies.

How to clean the house of bad energies with sea salt 4

How to use sea salt to clean up bad household energies

Cleaning the house of bad energies with sea salt is not complicated. It is a fairly simple process for which you only need to use this product. The key is to place it in strategic housing sites, but first you have to do something more:

Before you start

  1. Take a handful of sea salt, which will be the one to be put in certain points of the house.
  2. Transmit to that salt your desire to drive away bad energies and attract only good ones.
  3. Finally, start placing the sea salt in the desired places so that you know in which direction the energy flow should go.

Where to put the marine room to clean the home

In general, you can put sea salt on any object or part of the house that you want to protect or take care of, although there are a number of points that are strategic because they are usually through which energy enters or leaves or concentrates. These are:

  • Corners of the rooms: in the room is where we usually spend a lot of time and where usually more energy ends up accumulating. However, it doesn’t have to be a sleeping room, it can simply be the dining room, the kitchen or that other space where we usually spend a lot of time. Therefore, placing the salt in all corners of the room can help it absorb all the negative energy.
  • Under the bed: the bed is also the place where we rest, which means that all the energies we contain during the day (anger, stress, doubts …) come off when we relax in bed. That being the case, it is convenient to put a container with sea salt more or less in the center of the bed. Another option is to mix sea salt with water in a glass and put it underneath. If there are bad energies, the salt will climb through the glass. If so, after a few days, the glass should be thrown out of the home.
  • Under the pillow: this can help you sleep better and get rid of bad thoughts and negative attitudes. To do this, you can make a small bag like those used to aromatize cabinets, but with sea salt, and place it under your pillow for a few days.

In all these cases, sea salt must be replaced every 15 days following the steps we have previously told you.

And what can be done if you want to clean the whole home in general? There is also a solution. The most effective thing is to mix the sea salt with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle, so that it can be spread throughout the house through the sprays.

How to clean the house of bad energies with sea salt 3

How to clean bad energies at home when they are by witchcraft or spells

Bad energies can be at home by some kind of spell or witchcraft. In these cases, sea salt remains one of the best remedies to clean the home of bad vibrations, although a slightly different process must be followed from the one we have discussed above to eliminate bad energies from the house.

In this way, the most recommended is:

  1. If possible, surround the house with sea salt so that bad energies do not enter and it is protected.
  2. Place sea salt under doors and windows to prevent evil spirits from entering the house.
  3. Throw a handful of the sea salt out of the house so that, with it, those bad energies go away.

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