How to choose winter tires 2

How to choose winter tires

We enter key dates to pay special attention to the condition of our cars. The arrival of the cold forces us to review the “safety triangle” of vehicles, formed by shock absorbers, brakes and tires. The latter are the Achilles heel of Spanish drivers, who rush the use of wheels to the maximum for economic reasons despite the fact that many other components have very similar prices and the wheels constitute the only points of contact of the car with the asphalt.

How to choose winter tires 1

Confortauto launches the best offers on tires before the arrival of the cold, especially in the sale of tires online. The brand, created in 1996, currently represents the first national network in points of sale and is a non-profit association (Asociación Confortauto) whose only objective is the promotion of its associates.

The best offers on tires

In 2010, Confortauto began selling through the Internet, offering the possibility of booking an appointment with the nearest workshop. This facilitates the maintenance work of the car when the owner has little time or simply when he prefers to buy easily from home.

Confortauto offers great possibilities and better prices on tires for all types of cars, offers designed for those customers who decide to make their purchases online.

It is a reference company that serves as an example of good prices on the Internet, and given the importance of carrying quality tires in the car always in good condition (and manufactured by leading brands in the sector), these offers of Confortauto are fundamental.

In the Confortauto online store you can find all the top brands, which coincide with the “top sales”. In addition, if you are an association, company or group of any kind and you register on the website, you will get significant discounts both in Comfortauto Hankook Masters and in other affiliated stores.

How to buy the best tires

Confortauto’s sales process and service is impeccable. The website of the online store is easily navigable and has a search engine to find the tires that everyone needs more easily. It also has a comparator to be able to make the choice with as much information as possible about each model.

The payment process is one hundred percent secure, both with a bank card and through the Paypal payment gateway.

Once the order has been placed and the address where the customer wishes to receive his new tires has been specified, Confortauto proceeds to make the shipment within 24h or 48h. In case the delivery occurred earlier than estimated, from Confortauto they would contact to warn. Usually, the destination of the shipment is a workshop of the customer’s trust, chosen by him.

How to choose winter tires 1

When to change the car’s tires

We often wonder when we should change the wheels of our car, and in the face of this doubt, the essential thing is to observe its condition well. Wear of the tire drawing, progressive loss of pressure or cuts in the wheels are some of the clearest signs that the time has come to make a change.

We can also opt for a tire change for safety, as is the case of winter tires, which offer better performance on roads with very cold asphalt or ice.

In the Confortauto workshops, professionals will inform the customer, without obligation, of all the recommendations to choose the ideal tire for their vehicle.

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