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How to brush a dog

“Brushing the dog is the first obligatory step for the proper hygiene of our pet. Her walks in the park, her games, and even the traces of pollutants present in the air in the city dirty our friend’s fur. Brushing your dog should be a daily habit: it is the easiest way to remove dirt from your body.

Complete hygiene for a dog involves routine grooming habits: bathing, brushing, and taking care of the cleaning of the teeth or ears. These are fundamental aspects of the grooming of a dog that ensure its health and that of the people with whom it lives.

Brushing our pet is also a way to strengthen its coat (coat) and keep its skin and the base of the hair healthy: the brush’s bristles exert a beneficial massage during this activity.

At home, it is convenient to incorporate the daily brushing of the dog as another part of the grooming routine of the rest of the family. To achieve this, a few simple tips are enough.

Each dog, a different coat to brush

The length of the dog’s coat is one of the first keys to knowing what care our friend’s coat requires. The different types of dogs can be classified into short, medium or long haired breeds. Short-haired pets include the Dalmatian dog, among others. A Cocker Spaniel would fall into the category of medium-coated animals, while the shaggy Collie breed pets are long-haired dogs.

The frequency of the hairstyle varies depending on the type of coat: curly, straight, long or short. An animal with a tendency to the formation of knots and tangles in its hair may even require more than one brushing a day.

Using a towel to catch hairs

Covering the floor of the room where the dog’s coat hygiene will be carried out is a good way to keep the room clean. Try to sit the pet on a towel while brushing: the dead hairs will end up on the fabric and not on the floor.

Accustom the dog to brushing from puppyhood

The sooner you start brushing the dog, the sooner the animal will accept the hygiene of its hair as part of its daily habits. Remember that the dog is an animal of habit. The usual grooming routine can also become a way to strengthen the relationship with your animal in a positive way: accompanying the care of the coat with caresses and kind words will help him feel more comfortable.

Utensils to brush your friend

There are different tools that help to care for your pet’s coat. One of the most common options is to use a comb.

There are metal or plastic barbed combs. If the comb design is right, the drag should not spoil your friend’s coat or cause unnecessary pulling.

Your veterinarian will advise you in each case on the material and structure of the comb that best suits the characteristics of your dog’s coat.

While combs are a tool that may be necessary for short-coated dogs, this tool is not always suitable for pets with long or curly coats. Barbs often become tangled in this type of coat.

In these cases, opting for a canine brush is a wise option. The length of the bristles, in this case, will undoubtedly be relevant when choosing the best utensil to brush your pet: the longer the dog’s hair is, the longer the bristles should be, as a general rule.

Long-haired dog care

It is not uncommon for a long-haired pet to be prone to tangles in their coat and tangled areas in their fur. In these cases, it is advisable to be especially constant with the routine of brushing the dog, and even do it more than once a day.

Keep in mind, in any case, that when your pet’s brush is not suitable for the characteristics of its coat, it is possible that the coat will break. This explains why brushing should be done, in general, in favor of the sense of hair growth: thus avoiding unnecessary pulling and damage.”

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