How to bleach the bathtub
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How to bleach the bathtub

How to bleach the bathtub

The daily use of the bathtub can hinder its total and lasting cleaning, but it is essential to keep it in good condition especially for family hygiene. For it to be well preserved, having it clean is essential but it must also be bleached so that the stains that appear on the surface do not damage the enamel of the bathtub or the color, preventing the accumulation of dirt and mold from appearing.

As with cleaning, the bleaching of the bathtub is possible thanks to different home resources. There are several methods with which to preserve its color and brightness, preventing the passage of time from making a dent with severe wear. To discover the best products and learn how to whiten the bathtub, in a info-grinik we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Vinegar and salt

There are many home remedies to clean a very dirty bathtub. One of them is the use of vinegar and salt, two very complementary ingredients and with which you will see that the yellow spots are removed from the bathtub. Follow these steps to whiten the bathtub with salt and vinegar:

  1. Add two tablespoons of salt to a full glass of vinegar.
  2. Stir the mixture well and let it rest for a few hours.
  3. Use the mixture created with a sprayer to clean the yellowish bathtub.
  4. It is a product that can be abrasive with some surfaces, so choose to use a soft sponge.
  5. Apply the sprayer and run the sponge over the surface gently so as not to damage the enamel of the bathtub. You will soon observe how the bathtub acquires shine with the passes of the sponge and the application of the vinegar and salt mixture.

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Hot water and vinegar

If you want to know how to clean a bathtub that is yellow easily, we also recommend resorting to vinegar and hot gua. It is a very simple method with which you will be able to whiten the shower or bathtub, but as the main drawback you have to spend more time applying it. Discover how to recover the shine of a bathtub with vinegar and hot water by following these steps:

  1. Fill a sprayer with white vinegar.
  2. Apply the sprayer throughout the bathtub and wait an hour for the vinegar to act on the surface.
  3. Then, put the bathtub plug and fill it with hot water by turning on the tap.
  4. Make sure that the first jets of cold water fall into a bucket and the rest into the bathtub so that it is covered with water, so you will take advantage of the cold water that comes out at the beginning for things like cleaning the floor with a mop, instead of wasting the water.
  5. Keep the bathtub full overnight and, the next day, empty it.
  6. Use a sponge to rub it in all areas, especially the yellowest or those that have lost some of the brightness.
  7. Rinse the bathtub with cold water and see how it recovers the original white tone.

Vinegar and baking soda

Bicarbonate cannot be missing among the products to clean the bathtub. Mixing it with vinegar you will achieve a very powerful solution to bleach it despite the fact that it accumulates a lot of dirt. Follow these steps to whiten the bathtub with vinegar and baking soda:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on the yellowish areas of the bathtub.
  2. Rub the surface with a cloth so that the baking soda is impregnated.
  3. Spray the areas treated with apple vinegar, they must be covered with this vinegar.
  4. Let half an hour pass and rinse the entire surface with water, dry it with a rag and you can check that it is possible to recover the enamel from the bathtub if it had turned yellowish.

Caustic soda

One product that serves to clean and bleach the bathtub but whose use requires considerable caution is caustic soda. Being very corrosive and having components that can be toxic when used, it can cause burns and other damage if you do not use it correctly. If you opt for caustic soda to clean bathtub, in a info-grinik we recommend that you follow these instructions so that your physical integrity is not endangered:

  1. Wear gloves, mask and glasses to apply caustic soda to the bathtub.
  2. Apply the product especially in areas with very embedded dirt.
  3. If you have very dirty glass screens in the bathtub you can also clean them with this product.
  4. After pouring caustic soda into areas with yellowish stains, turn on the bathtub faucet and rinse with hot water to completely remove the traces of dirt.

It is important to emphasize that caustic soda is an alternative in cases where you want to clean and bleach a bathtub with accumulated dirt and embedded very difficult to remove. The other home resources should be preferred since they are less aggressive for bathtub enamel and do not put health at risk.

Ceramic enamel

Ceramic enamel is the best paint for bathtubs. Use this product to whiten the bathtub by following these steps:

  1. Mix this polyurethane enamel with its catalyst: for every 4 added parts of paint, add one of catalyst.
  2. Stir the mixture and if it is too thick, add polyurethane solvent.
  3. Apply the paint with a foam roller over the entire surface of the bathtub. Try not to leave any mark of the roller.
  4. Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry.
  5. To finish painting the bathtub, give it a second hand by following the previous steps and waiting another 24 hours of drying again.

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This way, you will have the bathtub painted white and looking like it is new. All these methods are useful to learn how to whiten the bathtub, so choose the one that interests you most depending on the materials or products you have, but if you encounter difficulties or the bathtub needs a lot of cleaning and repair, choose to contact professionals.


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