Exercises to increase the calves

Exercises to increase the calves

Exercises to increase the calves

Calves are a part of the body that is not difficult to tone, although it is true that it requires a specific exercise routine. And although it is an area that is worked in virtually all sports and physical activities, the results that are achieved are not the same when you have thin calves.

If you don’t know how to increase muscle mass in the legs, from a info-grinik, we are going to propose a series of exercises to increase the calves. In addition, we explain several options so that you can practice them in the gym or sports center, with outdoor activities and even in your own home so that you have no excuses and achieve your goal, even if you have little time.

Exercises to increase calves in the gym

When talking about how to increase the muscle mass of the legs, you can not miss several exercises and physical activities that are performed in the gym. They are very effective exercises because the results are seen quickly and are achieved in a short time:

  • Leg press: This gym machine is ideal for eliminating thin calves. You just have to lie on it and place the tips of your feet on the indicated surface of the machine to press it and make the movement of separating it from you and bringing it closer again. These machines allow you to control the weight you want to put to make the movement. If you are not in the habit of exercising, start -at least for a week-, with the machine’s own weight. Then, you can put more weight.
  • Elliptical cross trainer: this machine always appears in all rankings when talking about how to increase the twins and exercises to strengthen the calves, and it is that with it you work the entire upper section of the body with great intensity.
  • Spinning: Spinning classes are equally ideal for increasing calves. As you are always pedaling, it is a good way to say goodbye to thin calve

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Exercises to increase the twins outdoors

Parks and other outdoor areas are ideal spaces for exercises to increase twins. As in the gym, there are several options and alternatives:

  • Stairs: going up and down stairs is one of the best exercises that exist to not have thin calves. Surely, in a park that is large or in areas that are enabled within them to exercise, there will be an area with stairs in which you can do this physical activity with which the legs and, above all, the twins are worked.
  • Walking: hiking or walking in the park or the city is another good option to increase the calves, strengthen the legs and gain muscle mass. To notice results, you have to walk at a fast pace and for a minimum time of half an hour daily.
  • Skating: skating is another good option to increase calves. It is a fun activity and one of the best exercises to tone the twins, and that is that from the moment you put on the skates, you are already working the muscles.

Exercises at home to increase calves

At home it is also possible to do exercises to strengthen this part of the legs. And how to increase muscle mass in the legs? Well, it’s really much simpler than initially you might think. Specifically, two exercises are very effective and very easy to do:

  • Heels: the elevation of heels allows this part of the body to work specifically. To do this exercise so you don’t have thin calves, you can help yourself from the back of a chair to lean on it while you raise heels until you tiptoe. That position you have to hold it for a few seconds before going down to rest your feet completely on the ground and raise your heels again, and so on.
  • Jumping: practicing box jumps is another good option to increase the calves. In this case, a stool or similar that has a height similar to that of a gym step or step is needed. Getting in front you have to jump the box, but without resting your heels when falling and thus repeat this movement several times. You will notice right away how you say goodbye to thin calves.

With these exercises, you will see how you notice the difference in a short time and you see that you are gaining muscle mass in your legs. Always remember to consult with experts and specialists to tell you the best exercises you can practice to achieve your goals.

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