Egg mask and mayonnaise for hair

Egg mask and mayonnaise for hair

Does your hair look dry and dull for a while? Hair masks made with natural products have become very popular, because due to the richness of nutrients of these ingredients, they help us strengthen the scalp and prevent some hair problems. In the event that your hair is weak, dry or has a tendency to suffer breakages in the tips, it is necessary that the home treatment contains ingredients that mainly give us moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Egg mask and mayonnaise for hair

To do this, one of the most used masks in these cases is the one made with egg and mayonnaise, two ingredients that help strengthen even the most punished manes. That is why in the following article of info-grinik we teach you how to make an egg mask and mayonnaise for your hair and, in addition, we tell you all its hair properties.

Properties of egg and mayonnaise for hair

As we have anticipated, the homemade egg and mayonnaise mask is an ideal remedy for those dry hair or that tends to fall out or split their ends in half, among other problems. Below, we will explain the properties of both egg and mayonnaise that will improve the health of your hair.

Properties of egg for hair

  • Nutritional properties: due to its high protein content, the egg has excellent nutritional properties that favor the growth of a more resistant and thick hair thus preventing it from breaking so easily.
  • Moisturizing properties: the richness of proteins of this food, also gives it powerful moisturizing properties ideal to combat the lack of hydration that causes dryness in the scalp. Thanks to these properties, the egg moisturizes even the deepest layers of the hair fibers leaving it soft and luminous.
  • Regenerating properties: in addition to its high protein intake, the egg also has a richness of vitamins, especially biotin so it provides regenerative properties. Thanks to this, it accelerates the growth of healthy and strong hair and prevents, in turn, its fall.
  • Antiseptic properties: its richness in biotin gives it antiseptic properties, which are ideal to deeply clean our scalp and avoid problems such as dandruff and excess sebum.

Properties of mayonnaise for hair

  • Moisturizing properties: one of the ingredients contained in mayonnaise is olive oil, which gives excellent moisturizing properties to our hair. In this way, we reduce the lack of hydration of damaged or very dry hair and obtain healthier and stronger hair fibers as a result.
  • Anti-frizz properties: due to the richness of healthy fatty acids of olive oil, mayonnaise has anti-frizz properties, another problem caused by lack of hydration. As a result of this benefit, we will reduce hair frizz and it will look softer and smoother.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties: another ingredient available in mayonnaise is apple vinegar, which is rich in acids and flavonoids. Thanks to these nutrients, this food sauce also has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it deeply cleanses the hair and prevents conditions such as peeling, dandruff or other irritations that damage the hair.
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How to make an egg mask and mayonnaise for hair

Now that we know all the properties contained in this home remedy for dry hair, here we explain how to make the egg and mayonnaise mask. To do this, you will only need the following amounts:

  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Preparation and treatment

  1. First, you will have to break an egg and add in a bowl both the white and the yolk inside it.
  2. Then, add in the same bowl two tablespoons of mayonnaise along with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. With a hand mixer, beat everything until the ingredients are unified resulting in a thick cream. You will have your egg and mayonnaise mask ready.
  4. Now moisten your hair and apply the mask before washing it. It is important that you apply the mask evenly throughout the hair, especially from the middle of it to the ends.
  5. Once you have smeared your mane with the treatment, you will have to let it rest for 30 minutes.
  6. When the indicated time has elapsed, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water and then wash it in the usual way.

Other homemade hair masks with egg

The mask that we have explained above is to improve the appearance of hair with a tendency to be dry. However, there are other egg masks that can be very effective for other types of hair:

  • Egg anti-frizz mask: if you want softer and less frizzy hair you will have to process in a glass mixer two strawberries, a natural yogurt, two egg whites and two teaspoons of honey. When you have obtained a homogeneous paste, apply it in the same way as in the previous step by step.
  • Egg mask for excess dandruff: in this case you will have to mix the yolk of an egg along with 10 drops of tea tree oil until you get a light cream. Apply it to wet hair as if it were a shampoo and let it act for a minute. Finally, rinse the remedy with plenty of warm water.
  • Home treatment for hair loss: process in a blender 1 whole egg along with a tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoon of honey. When you get the mask, apply it to your scalp for 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with plenty of warm water. Finally, wash your hair in the usual way.
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