Difference between pinscher and Chihuahua 1
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Difference between pinscher and Chihuahua

Some breeds of dogs are very similar; the size, physical appearance and even character bring some dog breeds closer to others, but differences can always be drawn between them. Despite the many similarities they may have and the traits they share, through a brief analysis you will be able to distinguish them if you know well what to observe.


In the case of the miniature pinscher, sometimes misnamed pincher, and the same thing happens of chihuahua and, in addition, it is very common to see dogs that are a mixture of pincher and chihuahua. They are two breeds of dogs with a very small size and, at first glance, sometimes you can have serious difficulties differentiating them. It’s logical, but if you want to know the difference between pinscher and Chihuahua, the physical and behavioral traits of each race and more details to distinguish them, in a info-grinik we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Main differences between pinscher and Chihuahua

The pinscher and chihuahua breeds are quite similar because of the small size they both have and because sometimes they match in their color. Even so, by observing them carefully you will be able to distinguish them. In a info-grinik we bring you the main differences between pinscher and Chihuahuan:

  • Shape of the head: that of the Chihuahua acquires a shape similar to an apple. On the other hand, that of the pinscher is more square.
  • Body: both races have a square constitution, but in the case of the pinscher it is more pronounced.
  • Height: the two breeds are small in height, but the pinscher is slightly larger than the Chihuahua. The first reaches a weight that ranges between 4 and 6 kilos, while the Chihuahua barely reaches 4 kilos. Regarding the height, that of the pinscher ranges between 25 and 30 cm while that of Chihuahua is between 15 and 25 cm.
  • Truffle: that of the Chihuahua has the same color as the coat, so it varies according to the case. On the other hand, the pinscher is always black.
  • Eyes: those of the Chihuahua are round and those of the pinscher, oval.
  • Bite: the two breeds have a scissor-style bite, but in the case of Chihuahuas there are exceptions with clamp bite.
  • Fur: Chihuahua has some areas of the body with little hair while the pinscher has it uniform and abundant. Besides, there are long-haired Chihuahuas and others that are short-haired, but pinschers always have short hair.
  • Muzzle: it is elongated and truncated in the case of the pinscher. The Chihuahua has a wide, short and sharp muzzle at the tip.
  • Ears: the two dogs are V-shaped and end in point. The main difference is in the fall, since the ears of the Chihuahua are kept up and those of the pinscher fall on the face.
  • Hair color: it is varied in Chihuahuas. In the case of the pinscher they are always dark colors: black and fire or brown.
  • Behavior: the two dogs are intelligent and affectionate with their relatives and reserved with strangers, but pinschers tend to learn some orders more easily and are usually somewhat easier to educate.


Difference between pinscher and Chihuahua 1

What is a pinscher like?

To know in depth the standard of the miniature pinscher, it is important to analyze its physical and character traits.

Origin and physical characteristics

The miniature pinscher breed began to be known at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was first registered in Germany.

It is a smaller version of the German pinscher, reaching an average height ranging from 25 to 30 cm. According to the FCI, the weight of the miniature pinscher ranges from 4 to 6 kilos. It has an elongated head and a square body. His eyes take an oval shape, the truffle is black and has a scissor bite. As for the ears, they are straight and V-shaped, falling towards the cheeks of the face. The coat of the miniature pinscher is short, dense and shiny. The color is always dark and has two varieties: bicolor (black and fire brown) or unicolor (reddish brown, dark brown or brown).


The temperament of this race is characterized by its dynamism, curiosity and the energy it has. The miniature pinscher is strong and marked, so its small stature tends to deceive in this regard.

They are especially affectionate with people closest to them or who are part of their family, but they can also present socialization problems if they have not worked this aspect since puppies. In this case, the pinscher can be reserved and even aggressive with strangers. It is important that you try to enhance your social skills in your first months of life so that you do not encounter this problem as time goes by.

Finally, it should be noted that miniature pinschers are easily bored being alone for several hours, like any dog, but perhaps this is a breed in which it is usually noticed a lot, since they are very restless and curious. Despite generating some noise if something worries them, they bark much less than other small dog breeds.

What is a Chihuahua like?

To discover the standard of chihuahua, it is also necessary to know its physical features and character.

Origin and physical characteristics

According to the FCI, Chihuahua has its origin in Mexico. It is considered the smallest breed in the world and is named after the largest state in Mexico, Chihuahua. The average height of Chihuahuas is 15 to 30 cm. The weight of the Chihuahuas ranging from 1.5 kilos to 4 kg. Although there are also Chihuahuas toy, which weigh less than a kilo. There are two types of Chihuahua according to physical appearance:

  • Chihuahua with apple head: it is the most common variety of this breed. The head acquires the shape of an apple, giving it a careful and sweet appearance. The ears are straight, separate and large. The eyes stand out for being bulging in a thin and small body.
  • Chihuahua with deer head: it is a little bigger than applehead Chihuahua. The head has a more elongated shape, reminiscent of that of a small deer. They are also a little taller, but retain a sweet and delicate appearance.

Chihuahuas are also distinguished in two types according to the coat:

  • Chihuahua with short hair.
  • Chihuahua with long hair.

The color of the hair can be of different shades: black, white, brown or cream, brown and with mixtures of these colors or even tricolor. Thus, among the small dogs it is one of those that have more colors.

Difference between pinscher and Chihuahua 2


The character of the Chihuahua will depend largely on the education he receives. He is a dog of great intelligence, with a courage that may seem disproportionate to his small size and is also very protective with his family.

It is a breed with a very pronounced territorial sense, so it shows some jealousy towards the relationships that its guardians maintain with other people and dogs. In general, he constantly demands attention and affection and needs to socialize himself from puppy with other dogs, other animals and more people besides those of his home so that he does not have problems in this regard in his stage.


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