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How to clean burnt pots

To make your favorite recipes and get the best flavor, the state of kitchen utensils, such as pots, plays an important role. In the case of pots, keeping them in good condition allows them to perfectly fulfill their function and not affect the elaboration in terms of the final result. Therefore, it is essential to […]

How to choose winter tires 2

How to choose winter tires

We enter key dates to pay special attention to the condition of our cars. The arrival of the cold forces us to review the “safety triangle” of vehicles, formed by shock absorbers, brakes and tires. The latter are the Achilles heel of Spanish drivers, who rush the use of wheels to the maximum for economic […]

Stem care of Brazil 1
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Stem care of Brazil

All plants take particular care to stay in good condition. Although there are some common features between them, there are differences between them that require knowing their characteristics and needs. For example, if you want to have a plant of tropical origin at home, you will have to delve even deeper into it to create […]