Blunt tomato sauce

“To blunt vine tomatoes you need 1 kilo of this variety of tomatoes, which are characterized by having a hard skin. In addition to tomatoes, you need two cloves of garlic, an onion, salt, two saccharins, and virgin olive oil.

Fine sauce with a characteristic flavor

To prepare the sauce, the tomatoes are previously blanched. The skin is then removed and cut into several pieces, taking advantage of all the juices. All this is placed in a saucepan with a little oil and cooked until a puree forms. Once the whole has been cooked, it is passed through the mill and set aside.

On the other hand, a fry is prepared with garlic and onion, to which is added, when soft, tomato puree, a pinch of pepper and salt and a saccharin to correct the acidity point. All these ingredients give the sauce a characteristic flavor and aroma. The mixture is left to cook for about 20 minutes, until it reaches the desired consistency. It is then passed through the mill again to obtain a fine, lump-free sauce.

Preparation of the blunt

To make the dull of this homemade fried tomato sauce, the glass jars and the metal lids have been previously boiled in a saucepan. Before inserting them, the base of it should be”

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