A good homemade tomato sauce

“Tomato sauce is a paste made mainly with the pulp of tomatoes (natural, canned or crushed), to which various flavoring ingredients are added, especially onion. Other common ingredients are garlic, carrot, green pepper, spices, or a variety of herbs. It is normally used as an accompaniment sauce, to season, to reinforce or color other sauces or to make derivatives thereof.

Simple preparation

To make homemade tomato sauce, we will first sauté the seasoning vegetables. It is recommended to add large amounts of onion cut in julienne. From here each one will add vegetables to taste. Once they have sautéed, we add the tomato.

During the cooking process, the tomato will lose a large part of its constitution water. When we determine that it is cooked, it will be crushed with the help of a food processor and later it will be passed through a Chinese strainer. If, instead of grinding it with a food mill, it is done with an electric mixer at high revolutions, we will introduce air to the tomato, which will make it lose its characteristic red color and turn orange.

Once strained, the tomato is boiled again. When preparing the sauce, it should be taken into account that the tomato is rich in acids, so sugar must be added. It will only be left to put it, finally, to the point of salt.

Without skin or seeds

The tomato sauce must be made without the skin of the vegetable, as this would give a bitter touch to the preparation. Also, the seeds are not to the taste of some people when they find them in the food, so it is also recommended to extract them.

To easily remove the skin from tomatoes, they should be immersed in boiling water for about 40 seconds (blanching technique). Once this time has passed, the skin can be carefully removed. The seeds will be extracted with the fingers after cutting the tomato in two halves.”

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