15 hairstyles with wet effect 7

15 hairstyles with wet effect

15 hairstyles with wet effect 7

Wet-effect hairstyles are one of the most flattering styles to show off in summer. The reason? It is a versatile and elegant hairstyle that combines perfectly with both day and night looks.


Semi-collected with wet effect

One of the most popular wet-effect hairstyles is the wet-effect semi-collected, since it is a very simple option that will give a sophisticated touch to a night look. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Apply a little gel for a wet effect on the sides and in the upper area. You can comb your hair maintaining a flat effect or making a toupee in the upper area.
  2. Pick up the sides backwards and fasten with invisible forks.
  3. The rest of the hair can be left loose or make a few simple broken waves.

It will take less than ten minutes to get this wet effect hairstyle.

15 hairstyles with wet effect 2

Loose hair wet effect

This is the most popular and easy homemade wet effect hairstyle. It can be done in different ways and you can use wet effect gels, gum or foam. In a HOWTO we propose one of the simplest ways and that offers a better result. Follow these steps:

  1. Comb all the hair backwards with a brush.
  2. Apply a little of the product you are going to use in a bowl.
  3. Use a palette like the one used in the application of dye or a flat makeup brush.
  4. Wet the brush in the product and apply it to the hair starting from the root area (contour of the face) and directing it backwards.
  5. Do not apply the product beyond the crown area, remember that the mane must run out of product.
  6. There are people who comb the wet area with a comb, but we do not advise you, since the brush technique brings more naturalness to the hairstyle and you do not see the grooves or marks that the comb can leave.

15 hairstyles with wet effect 3

Surf waves with wet effect

Surf waves are one of the most chosen looks in the hot months. His casual style so flattering is the perfect complement to any summer outfit. Do it like this:

  1. Apply a little foam to your hand for wet effect. Don’t throw too much product, it is better to add less product than to pass and that the waves acquire an artificial appearance.
  2. Mix the product in both hands.
  3. Take strands of hair between your hands and shape them by closing and raising the curl.
  4. To get uniform surf waves and that all the hair is wavy, you must make sure to repeat the previous step throughout the mane.

You can also get a wet effect gum, the product you have most at hand.

15 hairstyles with wet effect 4

High ponytail with wet effect

If you usually wear pigtails in your daily looks, take note of one of the most comfortable wet-effect hairstyles:

  1. To show off this ponytail, especially beneficial if you are looking for a weteffect hairstyle on curly hair, you will have to apply wet-effect gum and help yourself with a brush to spread it throughout your hair. Remember to respect the line. You can mark it in the middle, to the side or comb everything backwards, as you prefer.
  2. Once all the hair is placed, pick up the ponytail with an invisible rubber band.
  3. If you want to give a different touch to your hairstyle, you can make waves in the strands of the ponytail using the iron, a conical curling iron or some tongs.

Remember that within wet effect hair products mousse or foam can also serve you, although the latter can leave you some hardened strands and is not the most advisable for this specific look.

15 hairstyles with wet effect 5

Braid with wet effect

If you are a fan of braids and want to give a different touch to this classic hairstyle, we propose the following hairstyle idea with wet effect:

  1. Apply gel to the upper area of the head and comb backwards. If you want to turn it, raise your hair a little in the upper area helping you with a barbed comb to draw a small toupee.
  2. If you want it to be flat, comb down and make a ponytail.
  3. If you have long hair, we recommend taking a lock from the lower area of the ponytail and wrapping it around it to cover the rubber with the lock. Place a fork underneath to fix the lock.
  4. Make your favorite braid: three ends, spike, cord, four ends, etc. With the pre-made ponytail it will be much easier for you.

Low bow with wet effect

The top knot or ballerina bow is one of the easiest gummy hairstyles for women to do if you are looking for an elegant but informal look. In addition, this curious bow allows different variants, since you can combine it with a well-marked stripe in the middle or on one side.

  1. Apply a little fixative product to the upper half of the head. You can apply it with your hands or with a comb.
  2. Direct the hair down straight or slightly to one side, depending on where you want it.
  3. Making the bow is very simple, you just have to take your hair, turn it around as if you wanted to twist it and roll it on itself until you get a bow like that of the dancers.
  4. Place hairpins to hold the collection.

False wet effect bob

If you have long hair and want to discover what an elegant and classic bob would look like, you will love this trick. In addition, you can choose the wet effect product that suits you best depending on whether you prefer to wear a smooth bob (in this case you will have to get a gel to comb your hair well) or a bob with waves (for this style foam with wet effect is preferable).

  1. Apply gum or foam to your hair; if you use gum, apply it only to the middle of the head, enough to help you comb and control your hair well in the direction you want. If you use foam, distribute it well throughout your hair so that there are no sticks in a specific area.
  2. Once the hair contains the wet effect product, make two low pigtails that are loose. These two pigtails have to be made with transparent plastic rubbers, otherwise the bob would look very artificial.
  3. Lower the rubber bands from the pigtails a little more, and then roll them inward, hiding the transparent rubber inside the hair.
  4. With transparent clips, or the color of your hair, hold the tips of the pigtails rolled up inside your hair, well fastened to your head. This way you will be able to simulate a perfect and safer short bob thanks to the wet effect.

High bow with wet sides

The difference between this hairstyle and the bow of before, is that in this version you only have to apply the wet effect on the sides to be able to play with the upper area. This option is perfect for girls with bangs and for girls with fine hair, since it allows you to look elegant without much effort.

Bubble ponytail with wet effect

If you like ponytail hairstyles, how about making a bubble tail with a wet effect? If you want to achieve an original, fun and avant-garde style, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Apply foam or gum to the upper area of the head. If you want a strong and marked fixation, use gum or gel; if you prefer something with a slightly more natural appearance, use curl foam or a wave spray.
  2. Comb the upper area as you prefer: it can be with a casual toupee, with a marked or smooth stripe.
  3. Then make a simple ponytail at the height you want.
  4. To start making the bubbles you must take the main ponytail and place rubber bands along it with a separation of about 3 or 4 fingers, depending on the length of your hair.
  5. When you have all the tires on, open each space between pigtails to create the bubbles.
  6. Fix the result with a little lacquer or gloss spray.

Wet effect for short hair

If you have short hair, you can also wear the desired wet effect on your hairstyles. You can wear this style whether you look half mane or if it is under your ears, but the truth is that the shorter, the better it will look.

  1. The hairstyle is very simple. Start by ampening a wet effect gel all over your hair, respecting the stripe you want to make yourself.
  2. If your hair is very short, the stripe in the middle is a success, while if it has already begun to grow, it will be better to bet on the lateral stripe and the most casual hair
  3. Comb your hair with a fine barbed comb to give it the texture you prefer.

If you are looking for a wet hairstyle in curly hair, this option will also allow you to mold your loops as you prefer.

Low ponytail wet

This ponytail is the perfect hairstyle to combine with an evening look or wear it next to a tailor suit. It is a style that you must wear with very combed and polished hair and always with the special help of the wet effect gel.

You can make the ponytail with the stripe next to it, in the middle or with a slight tupe backwards, whatever you prefer. Of course, remember to comb the ponytail down well before tying it with a rubber band, because the neaker, the more elegant the result will look.

Wet effect with the garçon look

For girls who have very short hair, this option is a safe bet. The wet effect on garçon short hair will give you an elegant air and femme fatale difficult to overcome.

  1. Apply wet effect gel all over your hair and comb it backwards with your fingers if you want a more casual and informal look.
  2. If you prefer an elegant hairstyle for an important evening, use a fine-tipped comb and comb your hair to the side you prefer, always making sure that it is well sealed on your head.

Women’s short gum hair is very sophisticated and is also very comfortable, so if you are looking for an easy but groundbreaking style, this is yours.

Wet effect with toupee

If you are looking for the best hairstyles with wet effect to party or enjoy a fun and informal evening, this option is one of our favorites. Although you can be inspired to get different collections, this is the step by step that we recommend from a info-grinik:

  1. Untangle your hair well and comb your hair with a brush.
  2. Once your hair is completely backwards, apply gel with wet effect on the sides of your hair.
  3. Use a fine-tipped comb to crush the hair on the sides well. Pick it up with hairpins under the hair that falls from the front.

If this look from the first image doesn’t convince you and you want something more casual, you can always apply a little foam with wet effect all over your hair and comb the front backwards to create the effect of the toupee.

Soaked effect for short hair

If you want to take this trend to the extreme and you have short hair… this option is for you. This is the wet effect hairstyle that is trending this summer.

Always respecting the side towards which you want to comb your hair, you must apply the gel with wet effect throughout your hair, not only at the root, as we have seen so far. We offer you some of our favorite wet soaked effect hairstyles.

Boxing braids with wet effect

We leave for the end one of the most complicated and elaborate hairstyles with wet effect. While it is true that you will find it much easier to perform this hairstyle when you have a little practice, from info-grinik we want to offer you a step by step on How to make the boxing braid.

If you want to take advantage of this effect to manipulate your hair more easily, don’t forget to apply a gel product with a wet effect before starting to make the braid.


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