10 games for family parties
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10 games for family parties

10 games for family parties 2

On birthdays, at Christmas or in any other family celebration that is third. The truth is that games are always welcome in any family reunion since it manages to create an ideal environment for fun, laughter and entertainment. Whether there are children or if you are only adults, the games will liven up the evening and make you have a really great time. But what games can be made? In this article from info-grinik we are going to offer you a list of the most fun family party games for you. If you want to live an unforgettable and fun day, don’t stop playing!

The best games to liven up family parties

Why don’t you make this family party different and VERY fun? Getting it is much easier than you think and there are games that are perfect for both children and adults and that will make you live a day full of laughter and fun. Here we offer you a list of the best ideas that will help you get inspired and organize an unforgettable evening.

Guess the song

One of the best games for family parties is this one that we propose below. It is about creating two groups and, a representative of the group, must hum the song that the opposing group tells the ear. The goal is for your own group to know what song it is. You don’t have to know the name of the song but you do have to find out the name of the band or singer. Each team will have only 1 minute to try to find out what song it is, in case it is not known, they do not earn any points. Above all: the song should be humed, never sing with the lyrics. If this happens, the move is disqualified and turns are run.

Chained stories

This is one of our favorite games and it is ideal for family reunions with children or adolescents. It is a game that stimulates the imagination and that is perfect to laugh and become, for a moment, inventors of stories. The game is very simple: following the clockwise, each person must invent a phrase from a story. The next participant must continue it and, thus, one by one you will create a fantastic story that must have a beginning and an end. A very fun way to stimulate creativity and get a great time.

Guess who I am

This is another of the most typical and fun family party games out there. It consists of each of you writing on a post it or a paper the name of a famous character or a known character (they can be cartoons, fiction, etc.). You must put all the papers face down in the center of the table and take another different from yours. Without looking at what it says, you will have to stick the paper on your forehead so that the rest of the participants can see who you are. Then, through question times that can only be answered with YES/NO you must find out which character you are. Fun, original and perfect for family reunions.

Human knot

This is a very fun game for a family party, especially if there are children and / or young people among you. It’s about standing in a somewhat clear space and shaking hands in a circle. You all have to do it except one of you who will have to leave the room so as not to see how you are going to form the knot. Then, you will have to start mixing with each other between arms and turns to create, thus, a huge human knot. As soon as you are ready, the other participant must enter and try to undo the knot without his hands loosening and without, of course, harming anyone. Laughter more than assured!

The game of the movies

We know that it is a classic at parties but it is really fun! The game of movies implies that we use mimicry to try to star in some scenes of movies known to everyone. To do this, two groups are created and, the opposite group must indicate to a participant which film he has to play. Then, you must act before the members of your team and try to guess what movie you are playing. Each team will have 1 minute to find out the name of the film, if you don’t know it, you won’t earn any points.

Karaoke at home

If you want to play some music and party your party for adults and children, nothing better than organizing an authentic karaoke at home. Nowadays you no longer need to buy the device but simply by turning on Youtube and looking for subtitled songs you can already sing and dance with your favorite songs. Of course: if you can have a much better microphone because, in this way, you will feel authentic “rock stars”.

Board games for family parties

And, of course, among the best games for family parties we could not fail to mention the traditional board games that, to this day, are still perfect to liven up any evening. There are many options, from the most classic to other more original. Here is a complete list for you to be inspired:

  • Monopoly
  • Hotel
  • Pictionary
  • Cluedo
  • Scrabble
  • Scatergories
  • Risk
  • The Game of Thrones game
  • The Star Wars game
  • Escape Room games at home and with board

10 games for family parties

Fun games for families with children

Now, if you want to organize an afternoon of games designed especially for the youngest in the house, then you have to opt for games for children that are adapted to their age and interests. In these games the whole family can play but, of course, it will be the kids who will have a great time.

Animals on the farm

This is a very fun game that will help children learn to recognize the different animals of a farm. To do this, you will all have to sit at the table or in a circle and, with your eyes closed, each one will have to count to 3 and start imitating the sound of a farm animal. When you finish, you will have to open your eyes and try to find out who has emitted each sound and what animal it was supposed to be. You’ll laugh a lot!

Collective drawing

Now we propose another of the games for family parties that are perfect for the little ones. It’s about taking a blank paper and, together, creating a joint drawing. To do this, one of the participants will start drawing one line and, the next, will have to continue the drawing from the beginning. Thus, little by little, you will create a joint drawing that will be a creation made together.

The phone game

This is a classic game that always triumphs both in family reunions and at children’s parties. And it is a crazy and fun game that, in addition, is very easy to do. To do this, you must all place yourself in a circle and, one of you, will begin the game by whispering a word quickly in the ear of the next player (following the clockwise). The next player must say the same word also quickly to the player next to him and, thus, successively. When the wheel is finished, the last player must say the word that has reached his ear … surely it has nothing to do with the first!

10 games for family parties 3

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