How to make a cornstarch hair mask 3

How to make a cornstarch hair mask

Cornstarch, is a very fine flour with multiple culinary applications that, in addition, has many benefits when used as an ingredient in hair care treatments. Did you know that by making a simple cornstarch mask you can get a brighter, hydrated and even smoother mane? If you want to learn how to moisturize and take […]

How to clean burnt pots 3
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How to clean burnt pots

To make your favorite recipes and get the best flavor, the state of kitchen utensils, such as pots, plays an important role. In the case of pots, keeping them in good condition allows them to perfectly fulfill their function and not affect the elaboration in terms of the final result. Therefore, it is essential to […]



Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory and recurrent dermatological disease. It is of auto-immune origin. It is characterized by the appearance of erythematous plaques and scaling, especially on the elbows, knees, hands, scalp, feet and back. MAIN CAUSES Genetic predisposition Immune system imbalance TREATMENT Diet rich in fruits and vegetables Omega 3, curcumin and berberine, for […]